LRA-D1000 Wireless Doorbell Push Button Kit - 1000' Range
Plugin 12V Adapter

Long Range Wireless Doorbell is Great for Office or Business Environments Model LRA-D1000

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5 Star Rating
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Long Range Wireless Doorbell Kit-Black Push Button & Receiver
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If you have been searching for a long range wireless doorbell, you probably know how difficult they are to find!  Most wireless door chimes will top out with a maximum wireless range of 150 ft.  That is why when we discovered the powerful LRA-D1000, a wireless chime, we were thrilled! 

This wireless long range door chime has a range of up to 1,000 feet, and is packed with great features.  We use this wireless door chime with wireless door chime buttons on the front and back doors of our offices.  In our 10,000 square foot warehouse, constructed of metal and cinder block, this door chime has the necessary power to work at ranges most wireless chime products could only dream of. 

You may also expand the door chime by adding additional push buttons and/or the new door/window magnetic contacts.  Not only do you have a long range wireless door chime, you can also have a door or window sensor that triggers the chime when the door or window is opened.  Because the LRA-D1000 is capable of playing up to 18 different melodies, you will be able to distinguish which push button is being pushed or which window is being opened.

Another great feature of the LRA-D1000, is the bright LED that can be set to flash when the bell is triggered.   A selector switch on the side of the door chime can be set to "flash," "chime," or "flash and chime."  This makes the door chime a great product for use in residential applications for the hard of hearing or in noisy, commercial environments.  This door chime has four zones.  You can assign one push button per zone.

Watch this video for a quick overview of the LRA-D1000 Wireless Chime:

The LRA-D1000 is battery (C-sized) powered or may be powered by a 6V plug-in adapter sold separately.

  • Long Range up to 1,000 Feet
  • Product ships with one receiver (batteries not included) and one wireless push button (batteries included)
  • 915 Mhz Operating Frequency
  • Volume Control
  • 18 User Set-able Melodies
  • Flexible Learning Codes
  • Power Saving LED Flasher
  • 4 Bright Zone Indicator Lights
  • Powered by 3 C Batteries or a plug-in wall transformer (not included)
  • LRA-DCTX wireless window/door contacts available at additional cost
  • Additional push buttons are available at an additional cost
  • LRA-VPRX portable receiver with belt clip available at additional cost

Compatible Products:

The LRA-D1000 is compatible with up to four transmitters.  Each transmitter will correspond to a zone that will illuminate when the transmitter is triggered.

Available transmitters:

  • LRA-PBTX (black) or DCPB-1000 (White) add-on push button
  • LRA-DCTX door/window contact.  This door/window contact will trigger the chime when the monitored door or window is opened.  The alarm or chime sound will sound at the door or window itself as well as the receiver.
  • When you want additional receivers, to hear the chime sound in more than one location, you can add another receiver to the system.

Available Receivers:

  • LRA-VPRX portable receiver. Compact 3.75"X2.5" portable receiver may be belt clip mounted (included), desktop mount or wall mount (fastener not included). Chime mode, vibrate mode & chime and vibrate mode as well as visual indicators. Great for people on the move in retail stores, warehouses, & offices. Home owners like this product too as it allows them portability in the yard, by the pool, etc.

Inside the front compartment of the door chime unit there is a "learning button" - hold for 3 seconds.  LED number one will flash, then press the learning button again  to select the zone you want to code.

Press the "melody" button to select one of eighteen doorbell sound melodies.

After selecting the zone and melody, press the remote button once (button must be within 3 feet for programming mode).  When coded correctly, the door chime unit will generate a short tone.

The doorbell is powered by three C-Batteries (not included).  This provides the wireless doorbell unit a long battery life. 

Also, you may power the doorbell with a 6V in DC plugin transformer (not included.) 

The push button is shipped with a CR2032 Lithium Battery included.

Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: Wireless Doorbell Push Button Kit - 1000' Range
score average: 5 out of 5 , 62 review(s).
5 Star Rating
Through Thick Walls
Worked great through thick stucco walls.
5 Star Rating
(Sidney, n.y.)
5 Star Rating
(fort worth, tx)
Country living with a secure fence, gate 600ft from house: this long range door bell works great w button on gate post & receiver/bell unit inside brick walled house.rnHighly recommended!
5 Star Rating
(Erwinna, PA)
I am very pleased with this Doorbell. It has a very strong sound and could even be put in a closet if you desire and will still be heard. I had fun playing the variety of really beautiful chimes. Very easy to install push button ringer and connect to the chimebox.
4 Star Rating
(Mech. Va.)
So far I have found your product works well. My doorbell was at one end of my house and I spent most of my time in the other end. Now, I have not more problems.
5 Star Rating
(Brooklyn NY)
This is the 2nd wireless doorbell I have tried. The 1st one was rated at 90 meters. Didn't work at 40 feet. rnYours worked perectly through brick walls, etc. Thanks.
5 Star Rating
(henderson NV)
Very nice an good price
5 Star Rating
(oak park/il)
works great through heavy brick or stucco walls
5 Star Rating
Ordered this item to serve as a "calling button" for my aging mother (as in please help me). It is perfect for my mom to just press the button, and it rings in my office on the lower floor at the opposite side of the house. Walls are stucco, wire lathe....and it has NO problems getting the signal. Extremely pleased. Was able to drill a hole in the doorbell to attach a lanyard so she can wear it if required while transiting areas. Perfect.
5 Star Rating
(Poynette Wisconsin)
I was looking for something a bit better in reception than the big box stores offered and this is it. We were able to have the receiver in a interior room that prior to our purchase could not receive a signal. The product performed above expectations. Shipping was fast and inexpensive cheaper than having to run to the stores looking for a door bell that they just didn't sell. Thanks for a premier product.
4 Star Rating
The customer support was immediate and informative. Shipping was fast. The product, however, did not come close to meeting manufacturer's claims. It did not work beyond 60 feet in a two story residence passing through only two lath and plaster walls.
4 Star Rating
(Roswell , N.M.)
the door chime was great i used on my gate entrance which is over 250' from my house
4 Star Rating
I was pleased with the product but was disappointed that it did not come with appropriate screws to mount the chime on the wall. This was true also of the doorbell buttons. Also I thought the instructions were fairly good but was (and still am) confused by a section in the instructions dealing with inserting a wire. There was no explanation for what this wire is or where it comes from.
5 Star Rating
(lindenhurst ny)
great product. I am going to order another.
4 Star Rating
(Baltimore, MD)
The directions for programming could be a little more specific, and you definitely need tools to setup--starting with a paperclip to open the remote and adjust the volume. Does NOT work through walls--doesn't like corners either. Range seems to be based on direct line of sight.rnAside from that, the product works fine and we have had no problems.
5 Star Rating
(Miami, FL)
This is the only store where I found this product and it is perfect for our needs. We bought 2 so we could have a chime in our warehouse and also inside our offices. I highly recommend it. Customer Service was quick and helpful as well.
5 Star Rating
(Dayton, Idaho)
Great Product. Doing just what we need them to do. Bww
3 Star Rating
Lawrence Schelero
(Conway, S.C. 29526)
I bought the wireless door bell system (800' Range) because it had a further range than other wireless door bell system I could find. When I installed the system it would not travel more than 44 feet because there is a metal door, stucco walls and glass doors that the signal had to go through before reaching the chime. I have been told of a possible fix by attaching an antenna to give me a better signal. I have not done this yet will probably be completed at the end of this weekend. It this works I would increase the star value of the product but for now the product is no better than a 200' range wireless door bell system.
5 Star Rating
(Morristown, NJ)
Nice and loud, excellent range for remote doorbell. Like the strobe too. Mounting on wall only a little tricky as no template or screws were provided, had to measure myself (2 screws 2.25" on center)
5 Star Rating
(Santa Cruz, CA)
My gate is about 350 feet from the house and I can't hear the UPS driver when she honks. This system is the perfect solution. No problem receiving the signal at the far end of a large wood frame house. Product was shipped quickly. Am very pleased with the service, and so far, with the product.
5 Star Rating
5 Star Rating
Edward Walters
(Las Vegas, NV)
It arrived on time and it worked well. I like the support and instructions on setting up the unit that you had on your site.rnWell done !!
5 Star Rating
(Lockhart, TX)
I ordered this doorbell to put out in my workshop. I installed the push button at the front door of the house with 2 small screws (not included). I purchased the adapter for the main power but use batteries when I have the unit on the back porch. This doorbell works. Although the signal only travels about 200 ft it has to pass through the brick walls of the house and hardiplank on the shop. I am pleased with this product.
3 Star Rating
Received shipment promptly. Had same unit for about 2 years, working great, using second one to extend sound coverage on a 3 story house.rnEase to synchronize both units, took about 5 minutes to do. Great sound now, good unit.
3 Star Rating
Love the long range doorbell. We have a gate near the street around 250' away. We had installed a 250' range bell that only rang 20% of the time. This one works every time.
5 Star Rating
I was so impressed by the range of the doorbell. I was looking for a doorbell that would go through 3 walls and about 500 feet. This doorbell was the only one to meet that challenge. I highly recommended this item.
5 Star Rating
Doggie World
(Crosby, TX)
Works great! SUPER loud, which is just what we needed! Easy to "put together" and easy to install. Thanks!
5 Star Rating
Awesome!!!! I am hearing impaired and could not hear my doorbell in my brand new house. I bought this online and I love it! I can hear it from anywhere in my house. I love that I can set it to flash in the evenings when my husband is sleeping and it doesn't bother him.
5 Star Rating
(Alamo, TX)
I had bought and tried many wireless door bells in the last few years that did not have a strong enough signal to go threw my walls, but now I can put the unit anywhere and I mean anywhere in my home and it works every time with out fail! What a great product and a money saver too!
5 Star Rating
Works Great!
4 Star Rating
(versailles, KY)
We have a loud wired doorbell in front but needed one that rang from our office door and another button inside the office with a different ring. The long range wireless doorbell did the trick in an old 1830's lovely Inn with thick walls. We could not hear the other wireless bell when we were upstairs. I located the doorbell on the side of the stairs going up, in the back away from guests, and it works just like we needed it to do! rnPleased!
4 Star Rating
Works great as long as there are no intervening walls
4 Star Rating
(lehighton, Pa)
Good company to deal with.
5 Star Rating
Heather Cappuccio
Works great. Received in a timely manner.
5 Star Rating
I bought a wireless bell previously and didn't realize the distance mattered found this online bought it and installed it myself. wonderful definitely would recommend it
3 Star Rating
Ray Remmers
(Westminster Md.) was wonderful to do business with, as a blind man, I bought the DC1000 wireless doorbell, not as a doorbell, but as a guide for me to find my shed which is about 75 feet or so away from my house. Since this doorbell has a variety of sounds, I found a siren which I set for my sound. Instead of wondering all over the place in my yard, this unit allows me to find the building right away. As for sounds, this DC1000 has plenty of volume, and also has some quite nice sounds as well. I plan to buy another doorbell here for my daughters house which has no doorbell, and also a doorbell for my front door which just has a traditional ding dong bell which is about28years old.Most likely, the Ichime which has all kinds of cool sounds. Thanks for reading, and have a good winter ahead.
5 Star Rating
(Cliffside Park N.J.)
So far so good. It is doing what I expected.
5 Star Rating
Kathy Ann
Great product. Definitely goes the distance and easy to program. We go thru both block wall, steel and wooden doors, sheetrock walls ... performs exactly as stated.
5 Star Rating
(Ada, Michigan)
Doorbell did everything prior reviews and product info said it would. Can hear very long range, loud and clear.
5 Star Rating
Capt Hal
Wonderful. Setup system with two chimes (main floor and Basement) and two buttons (front and side doors). Now I hear clear notice when someone is at door. Tried two other manufacturers that would not do that configuration.
5 Star Rating
(Greensboro, NC)
Works great. I would highly recommend it.
5 Star Rating
If you need a wireless doorbell that will go through wall with steel in them then this is the one for you. I have tried others and none will work much less keep working as long as this one does. I have used the same unit for several years with no problem.
5 Star Rating
Distance and sound the best on market. Price unbeatable with quality.
5 Star Rating
(Ercildoun, PA)
This product met and exceeded my expectation. The only question I had was the model number in the box did not match the model number on the unit. Saying that, it was an identical product in all ways. This remote doorbell really has great range and its working nicely.
5 Star Rating
(warrenton Ga)
I live in a log house and have never had a wireless doorbell that would work but this one works great.
4 Star Rating
easy to program;easy to install works very well for the application its great
5 Star Rating
Chose this door bell system because of the signal power it has. My home has one foot thick walls made of concrete and metal. With this unit I am able to place receivers in my back yard and garage work area as well as within the house. There are not many doorbells capable of this.
5 Star Rating
(Central PA)
Loud, easy to set up, works great.
5 Star Rating
(Portland, Maine)
Great Product Exactly What I Was Looking For. Great Sounds and Features.
5 Star Rating
Was easy to install in the Church Rectory. Used only the adapter and no batteries - works well.
4 Star Rating
4 Star Rating
Product seems to be very good but only used short time
4 Star Rating
(Allentown, Pa)
Very Good!rnrn Work from outside a metal and safety glass door to a distance of approximately 100 Ft. -- rn Other units purchase from HD would not function at 20 Ft.--rnrnOnly wish it was a plug in base unit rather then batteries.
4 Star Rating
The doorbell worked in our warehouse. (Aprox. 300FT) We had the receiver tucked away on an office shelf and had to move it to an open area in the shop for the receiver to work. But we're still happy with the product.
5 Star Rating
I bought this for my 94 year old father who can only slightly hear. It is working great! He loves it!
5 Star Rating
(Charleston, SC)
I am very well pleased with my new doorbell. I can hear it very well.rnMary Hill
5 Star Rating
Sharon Taylor
(San Augustine Tx)
The best doorbell ever. I have some hearing loss and had been looking for one that would ring loud enough for me. I found it here at 1800 doorbell. I would recommend it to anyone.
5 Star Rating
Andrew John
(Mio, MI)
I installed the wireless door bell and so far it is working flawlessly. With the up coming Michigan cold weather, that will be final test of it working. rnrnThe only downside is that it's too loud. I only wish it had Hi - Med - Low feature. So far I like it.
5 Star Rating
Robin Gordon
Worked like they said it would. Easy to install. I used velco as opposed to screws.
5 Star Rating
(Fremont, ne)
Great item loud. Works great fast shipping
5 Star Rating
Great signal distance
5 Star Rating
(Sugar Grove NC 28679)
Outstanding, now I can hear the doorbell any where in the house.

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