Landscape Lighting

Are you looking for beautiful landscape lighting that won't break the bank?  Beautiful outdoor lighting adds class and elegance to a home while providing addditional security benefits to your home.  Whether you need flood lighting or decorative LED path lighting, make the investment today and add a touch of "WOW" to your curb appeal.

There is no question that outdoor lighting increases the curb appeal and drama of your home.  It is also a very smart investment, as it increases the level of security instantly. Our low-voltage lighting options are beautiful, cost effective, expandable and easy for even a beginner to install.   In order to make the most educated purchase possible, follow a few simple guidelines:

Measure your area and draw out a detailed plan.  This will help you to think through the design of your outdoor area and purchase all of the necessary components that you are going to need the first time.   Don't forget to all note how many feet of wire you will need to connect your lights.

Include all working power sources on your property.   A transformer will plug into a standard outdoor outlet, but many homes do not have enough power outlets around the perimiter of your home.  It may be necessary before starting a lighting project to hire an electrician to install a few strategically placed powerr supplies.

Plan to use a landscape light transformer.  Make sure that the transformer is powerful enough to handle the system you want, as well as a little additional to allow for future expansion needs.  Even if you are not adding them now, plan for possible pool lights, deck, step or path lighting, ponds, fountains, sports courts and backyard entertaining areas. 

Choose a style that you love and that complements the style of your home. With so many styles and finishes to choose from, it will be a breeze to find one that matches the specific style of your home.  Maintaining a consistent design style will guarantee the greatest appeal.


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