Outdoor Lighting

Update the curb appeal of your home with new outdoor lighting fixtures. 1-800 Doorbell offers a vast selection of exterior lighting that not only enhances your patio, landscaping and walkways, but also makes your home safer by illuminating your entry and garage areas. Some homeowners accentuate their home’s design features with dramatic outdoor wall lights and lanterns while others choose post lamps that are functional, yet decorative.

You may choose to coordinate your indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures to create a theme that shows off your personal style and the design of your home. Motion-sensor lights help to contain operating costs by turning on and off only when needed.

Top Products:

Z7064-63 Craftmade
$119.98 $109.00
Model Z7064-63

The Asian influence is reflected in the Mandalay Series of Outdoor Wall Lighting from Craftmade.  Styled after a Pagoda roof, the top of the fixture over-hangs the four exterior support columns, reminiscent of ancient Asian architecture.  Available in two sizes, with a pendant and post light version available.

SL-4150-BK Heath Zenith
$66.09 $47.02
Model SL-4150-BK

The SL-4150 is motion activated decorative lighting from Heath Zenith that uses 100W incandescent medium base bulbs. The motion sensor has a 150° motion detection range. It will detect movement up to 30 ft away. The variety of colors will let you purchase a decorative lantern that is truly unique to you.

HZ-4152-BK Heath Zenith
$109.90 $78.20
Model HZ-4152-BK

The HZ-4152-BK dual brite motion sensor light will provide motion activated security lighting while accenting your home. The lights DualBrite technology will switch to full power lighting after detecting any motion.

Top Products:

SL-5677-BZ Heath Zenith
$149.76 $106.56
Model SL-5677-BZ

This high pressure sodium security light uses 1 70W high pressure sodium type S62 bulb. This bulb will last up to 24,000 hours. That is around 1000 days of continous light. With a light coverage of approsimately 13,000 ft., you could illuminate 1/4 of a football field. Very powerful.

SL-5514-WH Heath Zenith
$52.98 $44.38
Model SL-5514-WH

The SL-5514 is a motion sensor floodlight that uses 2 100W T3 halogen bulbs. The motion detector has a motion detection range of 110°. It will be able to detect movement up to 60 ft away. The light comes in either a Bronze or White weather resistant finish. The light features a photocell, so it will never come on during daylight.

SL-5525-BZ Heath Zenith
$58.01 $41.28
Model SL-5525-BZ

The SL-5525 is a motion activated outdoor light that uses 1 250W halogen bulb which comes included in the packaging. The motion sensor has a motion detection range of 180°. It will be able to detect movement up to 70 ft away. The light also comes with an easily adjustable swivel head, which will allow for directional lighting.

Top Products:

BL600 Xodus Innovations
$16.41 $14.98
Model BL600

The BL600 is a battery operated LED deck marker light that emits a warm white glow to mark objects such as steps, bannisters, or columns in dark environments. Available in three colored finishes, these small LED deck lights are light-weight and easy to install.  They feature a photocell to turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn enabling these LED lights to go approximately 1 year without having to change the batteries.

BL705 Xodus Innovations
$24.98 $19.98
Model BL705

No wiring needed!  Simply mounted these motion activated LED lights using the supplied mounting screws or double sided tape and you have gorgeous LED light illuminating areas that were dark.  Not only do these products light your way, they may also be used to provide lovely landscape lighting effects.  As a bonus, these lights feature a motion sensor that activate more light when motion is detected.

Best Selling Outdoor Lighting Products:

Porch and Patio Lights:

Consider your home’s architecture & available space when selecting the size and style of lights to illuminate your entry, deck or patio.  Many come with photocells or motion sensors for automatic control.

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Post Lights:

Decorative post lights adorn your driveways, walkways and garage with light so you and your visitors can safely navigate your entry. Top brands and a wide variety of styles are available with exclusive designs.

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Bring your landscaping to life by creating focal points on architectural details, seating areas and lush plantings that accentuate your family’s favorite areas to enjoy with family and friends.

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Outdoor Wall Lights:

Outdoor wall lighting comes in many shapes and sizes.  We are proud to carry a large assortment of lighting designed to go outdoors from manufacturers like Craftmade, Heath-Zenith, Thomas and Betts, and more.

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Depending on where you place your lights and whether wiring is already installed, you have options that make it easy to power your lights.

Line Voltage Lights: These lights are wired directly to a junction box, not to an outlet outside. They operate on 120 volts – same as your home appliances. Wires going to the electrical box must be protected from the elements.

It may make sense to have a professional install these lights to ensure they’re properly wired to your home.

Low Voltage Lights: This type of lighting is energy-efficient and easy to install and move, should you decide to make changes later on. Included are low voltage lamps, low voltage cable and a power pack or transformer.

These lights can be easily installed, added on to, and moved quickly when necessary.

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