Battery LED Lights for Cabinets, Closets, and More!

We all have spaces in and around our homes that we’d like to illuminate but aren’t hard-wired for electricity: the pantry, a closet, a walkway, outdoor steps or deck rails, etc. LED Battery lights are the answer to lighting those areas without having to hire an electrician.

LED Lights:

  • Easy to install in just minutes…no need to hire an electrician or contractor
  • Consume less energy than incandescent bulbs, saving you money
  • Never get hot to the touch
  • The bulbs last virtually a lifetime, unless you break them
  • Photocells & sensors manage when lights turn on and off so you don't have to


BL600 Xodus Innovations
$16.41 $14.98
Model BL600
BL705 Xodus Innovations
$24.98 $19.98
Model BL705
BL300 Xodus Innovations
$12.98 $8.98
Model BL300
HS4810 Thomas and Betts
$19.98 $17.98
Model HS4810
HS4835 Thomas and Betts
$28.98 $24.98
Model HS4835
HS4850 Thomas and Betts
$46.77 $35.98
Model HS4850

Additional information:

LED Battery Lights are devices that use LED Bulbs and are powered by batteries. They are very durable and versatile, lasting much longer (thousands of hours) than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. They’re cool to the touch and use much less power than typical bulbs.

Motion-activated LED lights turn on when motion is detected and automatically turn off after 2 minutes, or the specific amount of time for the product you are using. These products save battery life and relieve you of having to locate a hard-to-reach switch to light your way in the dark.

Mini-spotlights provide bright LED light directly on an important area and can also be motion activated. They mount easily wherever you need task lighting without the need for outlets or cords. In-cabinet lights with LED bulbs and auto sensors provide the light you need inside a dark cabinet or pantry where wiring may not be practical. Just open the door and the light comes on so you can quickly find what you need, close the door and light turns off automatically. Placing battery lighting under the cabinets also directs light to your countertops for easier food preparation, reading recipes, or just cleaning up.

Photocells automatically turn your lights on at dusk and off at dawn. This is an especially handy feature of our Deck Marker lights, where the photocells keep the lights on a “low glow” from evening until morning. During that time, when you walk by the fixture, the motion sensors automatically increase the light level so you can avoid hazards and move safely through the walkway or deck area. This “low glow” technology conserves battery power, increasing the intensity of light only when needed. Battery-powered LED lights can also highlight your landscaping and illuminate special features in your yard. During the holidays, you can spot-light your displays without long extension cords or outlets and easily store them at the end of the season.

Do you have outdoor steps, walkways, or deck rails, you would like to illuminate without having to hard wire landscape lighting?  What about that pantry or closet that doesn't have a light?  Wouldn't it be nice to provide light to that area without having to hire an electrician?  Our in-cabinet land deck marker lighting are new battery lights offered by 1800 Doorbell are solutions to these common problems many homeowners face.  These LED battery lights are:

  • Easy to install - no need to hire an electrician or contractor.  All of our LED battery lights install in seconds.
  • LED battery lights consume less energy than incandescent bulbs which means saving money on battery cost.
  • Lights with LED's never get hot which means bulbs last virtually a life-time.
  • Our in-cabinet LED lights and LED deck lights features photocells and sensors which manage when then lights turn on and off so you don't have to.
  • These LED lights are cost-effective solutions.  They are not expensive, use less power and maintenance, and look beautiful.
  • Use a motion activated LED battery light for an easy to install closet light

LED Battery Lights are a great innovation because the of their use of LED bulbs over incandescent bulbs.  LED bulbs, unless you break them, will last thousands of hours.  They also use much less power than an incandescent bulb and never get hot, they always stay cool to the touch.    The only limit to their use is your imagination but below are common uses for LED battery lights:

  • Add lighting to closets, pantries, in-cabinets etc. in seconds, without the cost of electrical wiring.
  • Use a LED Battery Powered Cabinet Light on the underside of cabinets.
  • Use the LED deck lights to mark steps and other potentially hazardous issues.
  • Put in-cabinet light with auto-on sensor in child's bathroom.
  • Place an in-cabinet light in garage to guide you at night.
  • LED battery lights in attic are a great alternative to incandescent lighting

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