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Flameless LED Candles

Reasons to use LED Window Candles:

  • LED bulbs last a lifetime, never need to be replaced
  • Bulbs always stay cool to the touch
  • Low power consumption means longer battery life
  • Carlon brand flameless candles produce realistic flickering flame
  • Many models and styles to choose from
  • Most models feature a photocell to manage battery life

Start planning now for the holidays!  Our beautiful window candles add a simple, and timeless touch to any home.

These beautiful Window Candles are not only stylish, they are loaded with features.  Each candle has a photo cell that automatically turns the candles on at dusk and off at dawn.  This ensures your flameless, battery operated window candle burns throughout the holiday season.  In most cases, these candles will sit perfectly on your window sill.  However, if it is too narrow, simply use the supplied window clips that keep these lighted LED candles secure against the window pane.

To help you find the right candle, please use our product filters "Narrow Your Results" located to the left of the screen.  From here you can select the "flame color," "battery style," and more. Also, as a quick refernce, please take a look at the tabel below:

Model Type of Candle
Flame Color Notes
FPC1520 Single candle with base White Base available in three colors.  Light flickers when turned on
FPC1220 Single candle with base Yellow Base available in two colors
FPC1525 Single candle with base White Base available in three colors and has a finger loop
FPC1225 Single candle with base Yellow Base available in three colors and base has a finger loop
FPC1530 Three candles with base White Base available in two colors
FPC1230 Three candles with base Yellow Base available in two colors
FPC1410 Votive candles Yellow Battery votive candles on rechargeable base
FPC1484 Votive candles Yellow Battery pillar candles, outdoor/indoor rated
FPC1456 9'' Taper candle Yellow Multiple colors available, with and without base options
FPC1461 12'' Taper candle Yellow Multiple colors available, with and without base options

Also see categories:

FPC1520A Thomas and Betts
Model FPC1520A

Just in time for the holidays. Carlon LED battery operated flameless candles. Cool to the touch, battery operated, and realistic. Decorate your home or business with traditional candles.

5 Star Rating
$14.98 $12.98
FPC1525P Thomas and Betts
Model FPC1525P

The white glow is what separates the FPC1525 from it's similar FPC1225 counterpart, and adds a nice touch to any home over the holiday season.  These Christmas candles emit a warm white LED light, and are available in three different base styles - brass, pewter and aged bronze.

Not Yet Rated
$16.98 $15.98
FPC1530B Thomas and Betts
Model FPC1530B

Illuminates with a beautiful warm white color. Comes on automatically at dusk and off at dawn. Energy saving LED light is powered by 3 D cell alkaline batteries (not included) which lasts the entire holiday season. Choose from finishes of Aged Bronze (FPC1530A), Pewter (FPC1530P), or Antique Brass (FPC1530B).


Not Yet Rated
$26.98 $22.98
FPC1225P Thomas and Betts
Model FPC1225P

As seen on QVC, these Traditional Single Tier Battery Powered LED Candle – eliminate the  need for bulb replacement. Lasts the entire holiday season using 2 “C” alkaline batteries. Candle has base availble in three colors.

5 Star Rating
$14.98 $11.98
FPC1265G Thomas and Betts
Model FPC1265G
Realistic flickering flame or full on settings Uses 3 D cell batteries Cool to the touch LED lights never need to be replaced Photocell turns lights on at dusk and off at dawnReal handcrafted wood base15 1/2 W, 12 1/2" H, 2 1/2 D.
Not Yet Rated
$29.98 $14.98
FPC1230 Thomas and Betts
Model FPC1230

One of the best things about the holiday season is decorating your home.  One of our favorite looks is a holiday candle in the window. 

Our beautiful candles feature a flameless bulb with a realistic orange flickering glow.  Available in two different colored bases, antique brass, aged brozne and pewter. 

Warm orange flame color

Not Yet Rated
$19.98 $17.98
FPC1220 Thomas and Betts
Model FPC1220

Economical and beautiful window candle is available with two base colors.  Decorate your home by setting this candle on the window sill for a classic Christmas look.  The photocell turns the candle on at dusk and off at dawn.  LED bulb eliminates need for bulb replacement. Lasts approximately 20 days on 2 “AA” batteries.

Not Yet Rated
$13.98 $9.98
FPC1456 Thomas and Betts
Model FPC1456

LED light source - no heat generated, LED bulb life 100,000 hours. Realistic flickering light with automactic on and off timer.  This is a versatile candle with a flexible base, making it usable in a variety of candle holders.

Not Yet Rated
$14.98 $11.98
FPC1461 Thomas and Betts
Model FPC1461

LED light source - no heat generated - LED bulb life - 100,000 hours. Realistic flickering light.

5 Star Rating
$22.07 $16.98
FPC1493 Thomas and Betts
Model FPC1493

Set this three wick candle inside a colored vase and I almost garuantee friends and family won't believe they aren't real flame candles.   Don't worry, even though it looks so real, it never gets hot and the bulb will last virtually forever.

Not Yet Rated
$19.98 $10.98
FPC1484 Thomas and Betts
Model FPC1484

I promise you are going to love these LED Pillar Candles available in a 4-inch, 5-inch, or 6-inch size.  The LED bulb burns cool to the touch and looks realistic.  Set them up, turn on the timer, and let them run.  Place them inside a candle holder for an even more realistic effect.

Not Yet Rated
$13.26 $11.98
FPC1250 Thomas and Betts
Model FPC1250

Why add this touch to your home for the holidays?  A LED Candle Night Light that accents any home with the warm feelings associated with Christmas.  This is a plug-in nightlight candle with a LED bulb finished in an aged bronze base.

5 Star Rating
$16.87 $12.98
FPC1432 Thomas and Betts
Model FPC1432

Rechargeable Votive candles with recharging base, available in sets of 1 ore 2.  Decorate your home with these lovely votive candles.  The light flickers in a warm orange glow and looks very realistic, especially when placed inside a votive candle holder.


5 Star Rating
$19.98 $12.98
FPC1110 Thomas and Betts
Model FPC1110

What a treat.  These LED votive candles change color are lovely candles used to accent your home or office.  Set inside a clear, frosted glass vase, the flame changes color.

3 Star Rating
$12.56 $9.98
FPC1115 Thomas and Betts
Model FPC1115

The FPC 1115 uses a LED light source which means the bulb always stays cool to the touch and doesn't consume a great deal of power.  

Not Yet Rated
$13.88 $9.98
FPC1415 Thomas and Betts
Model FPC1415

Simply install 2 AA batteries, turn it on and set inside the included frosted glass vase and you will enjoy this votive for months before having to change the batteries.  The flicker LED bulb will remain cool to the touch and flicker with a warm yellow glow

Not Yet Rated
$15.11 $12.98
FPC1031 Thomas and Betts
Model FPC1031

Dress up your home for Halloween with Thomas & Betts, Carlon's battery operated candle that features an automated dusk till dawn timer and flickering white flame.

Not Yet Rated
$19.47 $14.98

LED Holiday CandlesFlameless LED Window Candles are perfect for decorating any home over the holidays!

Decorate your home beautifully with our safe flame-less candles.  These are battery powered candles that use LED bulbs.  They produce a realistic, life like flame.  Flameless LED candles are packed with features and are manufactured by Carlon who simply make the best on the market.

We have a full selection of battery operated and plug-in LED candles available.  Choose from pillar candles, votives, tapers and more!

Carlon has been a long time innovator in the LED candle market, and if you have ever owned these candles, you know how beautiful they look.  Most feature an LED bulb that will burn for over 10,000 hours. Because they are LED, they will always stay cool to the touch. One of the most important aspects of LED bulbs is that they have less of a power draw than incandescent bulbs.  This means you won't have to change the battery as often.  Couple that with the fact that most of these Carlon Holiday Candles feature a timer and/or photocell that will help promote battery life, and your candles will stay burning for months.


How Our Window Candles Are Different:

  • Carlon has been the industry leader in this field for over 20 years.  You are getting a quality flameless candle with a warranty to back it up.
  • LED candle bulbs are available with a white LED or orange LED to fit your needs and personal preference.
  • LED flameless candles never get hot, stay cool-to-the-touch.  LED requires minimual battery draw, extending the life of your batteries.
  • Bases are available in different colors to compliment your style.
  • Photo cell automatically turns the flame on at dusk and off at dawn.
  • Candles may be set to continual or "flicker" mode for a realistic effect.
  • Candles fit comfortably on most window sills.


On the left-hand side of the page, under the product menu, you will see our product filters designed to help you find the perfect candle.  These filters enable you to narrow down your results to the candle style, flame color, battery type, and more.  If you need help choosing the right holiday candle, please do not hesitate to call us at our toll free number or email us.  Here's a screen shot of the filtering system to help you choose the right LED Christmas Candle: