LH-56789 Magnetic Window Alarm

Magnetic Window Alarm Model LH-56789

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Magnetic Window Alarm
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A simple, self contained window/door alarm with loud alarm!

Sometimes you just need a simple device that will notify you when a door or windows is opened.  If you need a simple solution, why spend money on something complicated and hard to install?

The LH-56789 is simple in design but highly effective.  Simply mount the device to the door or window you want to monitor.  When the the contact is broken, i.e., the door or window is actually opened, an extremely loud 120dB alarm sound is emitted from this tiny device.

We have sold thousands of these all across the USA and they are perfect to place on a storage shed, supply closet, or other restricted area you want to be notified of when the door is opened.

We also have customers who have a disabled loved one they are caring for and need instant notification when they are exiting a room.  Another great use of this product is the door that exits to a pool or other area.

 Indoor Use

  • 120dB Alarm sounds when magnetic contact is broken
  • Choose either chime or alarm sound
  • Easy access Off/Chime/Alarm switch
  • Indicator for Armed/Disarmed Alarm status
  • Easy to install - no wiring necessary
  • Low battery test button and light
  • Indoor Use only
  • 90 day manufacturer's warranty

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