FPC1220 Economical LED Window Candle - Orange Flame

These Economical Window Candles Will Sell Out Fast! Model FPC1220

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LED Window Candle with Bronze Base
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Traditional Candles - Economy Model
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LED Window Candle with Pewter Base
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Get them while they last!  These Flameless Candles with an LED bulb are an easy and economical way to decorate your home for the holidays.  Available with two base colors, the FPC1220 is a bronze base and the FPC1220P is a pewter colored base.

The smaller sized base on these candles are a better fit for some narrow windows. 

This LED bulb "burns" with a warm orange/yellow glow that you can set to a constant flame or a flicker.  The flicker mode creates a realistic candle burning effect.

LED bulbs are great for holiday candles because they do not have the large battery draw that an incandescent bulb has.  Couple that with the photocell that automatically turns the candles on an off and the 2 x AA batteries will power the candles for approximately 20 days.

If you like the style of this candle, but want a white flame-less bulb versus the orange, see the FPC1520 Window Candles.

  • The bulb is an LED bulb rather than incandescent bulb
  • Led bulbs consumes less power.  Powered by 2 x “AA” batteries (not included), it should "burn" for 20 days prior to replacing the batterie
  • The front side of these candles have a photoelectic cell that automatically turns them on when it gets dark and off when it gets light again.  This helps conserve power and makes the batteries last longer
  • Slide switch can be set to "off" or "flicker"
  • The "flicker" setting makes the bulb producing a flickering effect to mimick a real flame
  • Never worry about the bulb getting hot.  This LED bulb generates virtually zero heat so you don't have to worry your curtains burning!
  • Manufactured by Xodus Innovations
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

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