KP-434 Keypad Control

Add A Wireless Keypad Controller Effortlessly to Skylink System and Devices Model KP-434

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Keypad Control
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Many of us are led to believe that installing keypad control of devices is an expensive process that requires contractors and specialist and nothing could be further from the truth.  The Skylink KP-434 gives do-it-yourself (DIY) ability to home and business owners to install a wireless keypad controll sysem that would typically cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

If you have a home security system you would more than likely want a keypad controller in more than one location.  Typically the main control panel is located near a garage door and keypads, like the KP-434, is mounted in the master bedroom or other location.  You are not limited to calling your local home security installer.  If you have a Skylink compatible system, simply order this product and install it yourself.  The provided user manual provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to use this produt, how to install it, how to set it up, and how to mount it,  

This is a wireless keypad controller designed to be used with Skylink Home Security Alarm (Total Protection System) products, swing door openers, and AAA+ Home Smart Center products.  

For Swing Door Opener: DM-001, DM-50, DM-150, DM-150, etc.

For Total Home Protection Systems: SC-10, SC-100, SC-1000

AAA+ Home Smart Center: AM-001, AM-100, ML-002, etc.

For specifics on how to set up this wireless keypad controller for the spefic product or operation above, please consult the user manual located on this product page.


  • This product functions as a wireless keypad controller
  • Add an additional arm/disarm keypad for enhanced power
  • Features on keypad include Home, Away, Arm and Panic
  • Backlit design for nighttime use
  • Works with Skylink Security Systems and other Skylink Products.  *Please refer to product manual for more details.
  • Lighted keypad includes Day, Night, Away and Panic features
  • 6V Lithium battery is included and already installed.  This battery serves as a backup in case of power failure
  • Range of up to 100 feet from devices you want this to control
  • Manufactured by Skylink
  • One year manufacturer's warranty


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