IVISION-PLUS Wireless Two-Way Intercom Doorbell System w/ Video
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Wireless Two-Way Intercom Doorbell System w/ Video Model IVISION-PLUS

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Wireless Two-Way Intercom Doorbell System w/ Video
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How many times have your reluctantly opened your front door without being able to see who is there? 

Even if your door has a peep hole, night time makes it virtually useless, and you cannot hear the guest. 

Many people love the idea of having an intercom with two-way communication and video but oftentimes, the wiring makes this prospect infeasible or too costly.  The iVision-Plus by Optex eliminates that problem with a wireless kit that installs and sets up in minutes.

How the system works:

The kit comes with two main parts, an outdoor rated camera with microphone/speaker, and one handheld wireless receiver with LCD screen and microphone/speaker.  When a visitor comes to the door, they are drawn to the lighted doorbell button.  Activating this button establishes communication with the wireless receiver (located in your home or office).  The outdoor camera provides a color image and audio to the receiver.

The system is expandable and integrates with other systems:

Even better, you have the ability to release electronic door locks through an add-on gateway/chime unit (IV-GU) and can even activate the camera on the door unit when other OPTEX 2000 series wireless devices are activated.  

The iVision by Optex functions as a wireless door chime as well as intercom/video system allowing for multiple handheld units, multiple doorbell/camera units. How many wireless doorbells are able to unlock doors? The iVision+ is able to remotely release electronic door locks through a gateway/chime units (IV-GU). 

The iVision+ also integrates with the Optex Wireless 2000 (RCTD-20U) devices, allowing the camera on the door unit to open those devices when triggered.  

Not only is this system wireless, the receiver unit is a stylish hand held device with a rich-color LCD screen.   Whether you are in your kitchen, bedroom, garage, or office, this hand held receiver allows you to roam freely and not only see who is at your door but also interact with them via the two-way intercom system.

The iVision wireless intercom system consists of two main parts, the outdoor camera/intercom unit (IV-DU) and the hand held wireless video intercom communicator (IV-HU).


  • 330' line of site transmission range from outdoor camera/push button to receiver.  Environmental factors will reduce the transmitted range capability.
  • Both images/video and voice will be transmitted wireleskly to the handheld receiver.
  • The kit is fullly exaxpandable allowing you to add up to (4) IVP-HU (handheld receivers) and (2) IVP-DU (wireless door units).
  • "Snap" feature allows you to take an image and audio clip and store it.
  • The "active browse feature" allows you to use the outdoor camera PRIOR to a user activating the outdoor button.  For this feature, an external power source for the outdoor unit must be used.
  • When used with the IVP-GU (gateway chime unit), you can use a third party system to unlock a door, or garage door.


Door Camera Unit (IVP-DU)

  • Easily adjustable outdoor camera unit allows you to change the angle needed for a good view.
  • The outdoor camera unit is powered by 3 x AAA Alkaline batteries (not inlcuded), or may be powered by external power supply (AC/DC 10-24V).  You may use the power supply from your existing wired doorbell or a third party power supply.
  • Outdoor rated camera and may operate in temperature ranges of - 4F to 122 F degrees, and a relative humidity of <90%
  • The RF frequency of both outdoor camera and handheld receiver is 2.4 GHz
  • Camera has auto sensing color for daytime and IR for nighttime operation. 
  • A maximum of two outdoor cameras may be used per system.
  • Fluorescent button allows user to easily see it at night time.
  • Outdoor unit is designed to be splash proof, allowing you to use it at a door in wet conditions.
  • Estimated battery life is 12 months at three events each day with an average talk time of 10 seconds per event.
  • 18 months warranty from manufacture date

Hand-Held Monitor Unit (IVP-HU)

  • 2.4" LCD color monitor prodives great picture quality.
  • Wall mountable charging cradle with rechargeable battery (included) 
  • Max 4 units to a system
  • Micro USB port PC connection allows user to view and downloas images (cable not included)
  • Operates in normal indoor temperature ranges (72F-104F) and is rated for indoor use only.
  • 2.4Ghz wireless operating radio frequency.
  • Receiver is rated for indoor use only.
  • Powered by 5.5v power adaptor used to recharge supplied rechargeable batteries.
  • 18 month warranty from date of manufacture 

iVision + Kit Includes

  • 1 Camera Door Unit
  • 1 Indoor Portable LCD Unit
  • 1 Charging Cradle
  • 1 AC Adapter
  • 1 Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • 4 Mounting Screws

The IVP-GU is an optional add-on product designed for use with an iVision Plus system and the Optex 2000 wireless driveway alarm/entrance alert.

This is a gateway devices that allows you to connect it two third party system and other accessories such as door locks, chime units, and more.  You can also add this gateway to your iVision system where it can chime when someone pushes the outdoor camera/push button, allowing your kit to also function like a traditional wireless doorbell system.

The gateway unit is indoor rated only and you may connect two gateways to your system.

  • Powered by supplied 5V power adapter.  You may also harwire the gateway to AC/DC 10-24V.
  • Indoor rated only, operating from 32F-104F

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