HS9610 HS96210 Night Light With Backup for Power Failure
HS9610 Power Night Light Plugged In

HS96210 Night Light With Backup for Power Failure Model HS9610

Manufacturer: Thomas and Betts
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HS96210 Night Light With Backup for Power Failure
Out of Stock
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The HS9610 is a decorative Night Light will never leave you in the dark. Perfect for those times when the power goes off! No other power failure night light compares in quality or performance.  Simply plug these night lights into a standard 120V outlet and put in three AAA batteries (not inlcuded).  The night lights turn on at night just like a regular night light does.  When a loss of electrical power is noticed by the unit, the back up batteries turn the LED light on.


  • LED bulbs last up to 100,000 hours
  • Cool to the touch
  • Low Power Consumption - 12 cents per year based on 8 cents per KWHR
  • Uses 3 "AAA" batteries (not included)
  • Battery Backup provides over 4 days of light
  • Light brightens when power is lost
  • Red light illuminates when batteries need to be replaced

Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: HS96210 Night Light With Backup for Power Failure
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5 Star Rating
(southern, oregon)
Easy to install the batteries and makes a good lite. Does not turn on and off with nite, but stays on all the time, so had to adjust exactly where we placed the nightlites.....rnrnSince they go to batteries, you can even take off the wall, if you need them for a flashlite in an outage.rnrnCompany packed well and shipped timely.rnrnHappy here.
4 Star Rating
Oh I love those! I am sure if I tried to put one up the HOA would freak out (they are insane) but boy, if I had a dlrobeol (for some reason our house doesn't) I would so have one of these!
4 Star Rating
Wish they had a sensor...

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