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HS570 Hardwired Photocell Swivel Mount Light Control
HS570 Outdoor Photocell for Flood Lights

Hardwired Photocell Swivel Mount Light Control Model HS570

Manufacturer: Thomas and Betts
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5 Star Rating
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Hardwired Photocell Swivel Mount Light Control
$29.87 $22.98
  • Overview

Save energy by having your flood lights automatically turn off at dawn.

To aid in security around your home, it is good to have your outdoor flood lights on.  But let's face it, energy costs are up and many times, you forget the lights are on and the run all day, costing you more and more in energy expenses.  Now you can provide night time safety and security by deterring potential theives.

The HS570 is a photocell you hardwire into your outdoor flood lights or other lights which will automatically turn the lights on at dawn and off at dusk.  The swivel allows you to position the photocell in the direction you want to ensure it is receiving proper lighting for the photocell to work correctly.

This is a hardwired unit and would there for need to be wired into the light socket.  It comes with detailed, easy to follow instructions.  The product is outdoor rated and ideal for a flood light.


  • Swivel Light Control.
  • Turns light on at dusk and off at dawn.
  • Adjustable arm for aiming photo control.
  • Mounts easily in 1/2˝ knockout.
  • Works with incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and HID lighting.
  • 1200 watts max, tungsten, 1200 VA ballast, 120V
Customer Reviews
Product Reviewed: Hardwired Photocell Swivel Mount Light Control
score average: 5 out of 5 , 1 review(s).
5 Star Rating
It is just what we wanted and is working very well. Price was right.
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