HS4317D Key Pad Entry/Exit Alert
HS4317D Carlon Keypad Entrance Alerty Mounted

Key Pad Entry/Exit Alert Model HS4317D

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Key Pad Entry/Exit Alert
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The HS3217D by Carlon is great product!  It is super easy to install and is great for just about any application where you want to monitor the opening of a door or window. 

Perfect for an apartment complex, or use on a supply closet door.  Many of our customers use this on a patio door leading out to a pool to alert parents when a child opens the door.  At our company, we use the HS4317D on a warehouse door that leads to our server room.  The possibilities are endless!

Most exit alarm type devices require wiring or an electrician to install.   The HS4317D is simple to mount to the door frame with the supplied screws or double sided mounting tape.  Merely align the arrows on the magnetic sensor contact and attach it to the door and viola!  Now you will get a loud 105bD when that door is opened.

This product is packed with features:

  • Small and stylish
  • Programmable key pad for arming and disarming
  • Unit may be set to alarm mode or chime mode when magnetic contacts are separated
  • Magnetic sensor may be aligned on either side of main unit
  • HS4317D may be set to one of three operational modes - instant or delayed alarm, or chime mode
  • Alarm output is 105dB
  • Chime output is 95bB
  • Entry delay may be set to no delay (instant), or delayed (about 10 seconds)
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • Perfect for homes, offices, shops, stores, and more

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5 Star Rating
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