Hearing Impaired Phones


Phones designed for the elderly and hearing impairedPhone sytems play an important part of our lives and are one of those products that are often taken for granted.  If you are hard of hearing you know how hard it is to find a quality phone that's loud enough for you to have a good coversation.

Not only are the phones on this page loud, they were designed with the elderly in mind.  The best example of this is in the ClearSounds iConnect phones.  These phones feature a 50 dB voice amplification with a base ringer than rings at 85 dB, but they didn't stop there.  Like most phones designed for the elderly, these phones have large tactile buttons to make it easier to not only see the right button but also to press that button.  There's also a nice visual indicator so you can see the phone ringing as well.

Not only do these phones feature elements designed for the hard of hearing and the elderly, they are also packed full of features you would expect in modern, technologically advanced phones.


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