HC-VISIT-VP1 Portable Bellman Visit Alert for Door Chime and Phone
Bellman BE1230 Portable Pager Bellman BE1023 Visit Door Transmitter Bellman BE1123 Telephone Transmitter

Portable Bellman Visit Alert for Door Chime and Phone Model HC-VISIT-VP1

Manufacturer: Bellman and Symfon
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Portable Bellman Visit Alert for Door Chime and Phone
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Accessories & Variations:
Bellman Visit Vibrating Pager Receiver
$198.98 $193.98
Bellman Visit Doorbell Transmitter
$86.98 $79.98
Bellman Visit Multi Task Transmitter
$83.98 $79.98

For the hard of hearing, finding products that notify you when your doorbell or telephone rings isn't an easy undertaking.  Bellman & Symfon has created a basic starter kit that provides visual and vibrating alerts for you when your doorbell or telephone rings.  Although this kit is expandable with other compatible products, the HC-VISIT-VP1 has what you need to get you started for basic home alert notifications.

The HC-VISIT-VP1 from Bellman & Symfon gives you what you need for basic home alert notification when the portable receiver included in this kit flashes and vibrates.  Don't miss another visitor at your front door (or another door) or miss another phone call.  

The kit features 1 Bellman Visit Door Transmitter, 1 Visit Telephone/Multi-task Transmitter (for telephone) and 1 Visit Vibrating Pager/Receiver.  This kit provides basic notification devices (doorbell and telephone) and additional devices from Bellman are available and sold separately.

The receiver shipped with this kit is the Bellman & Symfon "Visit Vibrating Pager/Receiver", BE1230.  This is a portable receiver that allows you to roam around your home or outdoors without worry about missing someone at your door or a telephone call.  When a compatible Bellman Visit transmitter is triggered, a wireless signal is sent to this pager.  A corresponding LED flashes on the pager/receiver and the receiver also vibrates.  With a quick glance at the flashing LED, you can easily determine what transmitter is sending the alert.  For more information on the receiver, please visit the BE1230 product page.

The doorbell transmitter in this kit is the Bellman & Symfon "Visit Door Transmitter", BE1023.  This product works by "listening" for your doorbell sound or detecting the electromagnetic signal generated by a doorbell.  For additional information on this product, please visit the BE1023 product page.

The telephone transmitter is the Bellman & Symfon "Visit Telephone Transmitter", BE1123.  Simply connect your analog telephone to this transmitter via a standard telephone cord.  When your telephone rings, the transmitter sends a wireless signal to your portable receiver and the corresponding LED flashes and the receiver vibrates.  For more information on this product, please visit the BE1123 product page.

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