GV1097-2 Good Vibrations Receiver
GV1097-2 Good Vibrations Receiver

This Good Vibrations Receiver Will Receive Signals From A Variety Of Silent Call Transmitters Model GV1097-2

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Good Vibrations Receiver
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Battery Charger
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Have you ever considered purchasing a system that will notify someone who is hard of hearing? If you have not considered it, you should give it some thought.

This good vibrations receiver is a body worn portable alert device that has visual and vibrating alerts. It is used to receive signals from a variety of Silent Call 318 Mhz transmitters. When the device receives a signal it will activate the vibrating function with a predetermined set of pulses for the type of signal. Also, a visual LED panel will inform you of the signal received. It will receive a signal up to 200 ft away. The device is powered by a rechargable 9V nickel metal hydride battery, which is rechargable. If you do not have a sleep/alert charger you must purchase a battery charger. A system can be built on top of this device using 318 Mhz Silent Call transmitters.

  • Portable, Designed to be worn
  • Battery powered 9V nickel metal hydride battery (included in package)
  • Battery can be recharged with a sleep/alert charger or battery charger (sold separately)
  • System can be built using 318 Mhz Silent Call transmitters
  • 200 ft range
  • 24 hr operation when used with sleep/alert charger and bed vibrator (sold separately)
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty

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