XP150D Dusk/Dawn Light Control

Automatically Control Your Lighting and Save Money Model XP150D

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Dusk/Dawn Light Control
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Looking for a solution that not only helps save you money and energy, but can also help increase your home security? That's exactly what you'll get with the XP150D Lamp Control from Thomas and Betts. 

It's a simple concept, really. When you go out of town for long periods of time, it's common to leave your lights on to give the appearance that you're home in order to discourage break-ins. With the XP150D, you won't have to leave your lamp on all day and night for multiple days on end — your lamp will automatically turn on at  niight and off in the morning, saving you energy and money.

Product Features

  • Quick and easy to set up – simply install near a window that offers plenty of natural light 
  • Turns lamp on at night and off in the morning
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Enhances home security while saving energy
  • Compatible with 120V AC, 150W incandescent bulbs only

Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: Dusk/Dawn Light Control
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5 Star Rating
(Fairhope, AL)
I tried others that did not have your light-direction adjustment feature. They failed. Yours works perfectly. Thanks!

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