VA6000S-RH Voice Alert System 6 Rubber Hose Kit

Voice Alert System 6 Rubber Hose Kit Model VA6000S-RH

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Voice Alert System 6 with Rubber Hose Kit
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New Driveway Alarm System Available

Rubber Hose Sensor with Solar Powered Rechargeable Battery!

Download the original bell sound for your Voice Alert

The Voice Alert System 6 Rubber Hose Kit is a multi-purpose driveway alarm and entrance alert safety system that offers cost-effective, customized security and notification for homes and small businesses. The Voice Alert System 6 Driveway Alarm features 6-Zone Monitoring Capability, Customized Voice-Recordable Alerts, All Weather Functionality, Wireless PIR Sensor Transmitter, Multiple Beam Patterns for Optimal Detection and more!

Also Available: New Voice Alert System Driveway Alarm with Wireless Rubber Hose Solar Powered Sensor. 

Transmits a signal up to 1,000 feet when someone runs over the hose. The sensor is a NiCad Battery and uses a solar panel to recharge the battery.  The system comes with 20 feet of hose, hose anchor, NiCad battery and receiver. The Hose Must Be Placed on Asphalt or Concrete Driveways ONLY, can not be used on gravel driveways!

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