VS-433 Vibration Sensor

Vibration Sensor Model VS-433

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Vibration Sensor
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Do you need a high quality sensor that will detect when vibration or movement (movement of the device) has occurred?  If so then this is the device for you.  The VS-433 (VS-433E) is a wireless transmitter by Skylink that detects vibration and then sends a wireless signal to a compatible Skylink device.
This product is compatible with three Skylink devices.  The SC-01 which is the sytem controller seen in the SC-100 and SC-1000 Home Security Alarm systems.  The AD-433S Emergency Dialer and the AS-433 Audio Alarm.

Over the years we continue to be amazed at the ways our customes use these products and here are some interesting ones;
-One customer was a caregiver for an parent with Alzheimer's disease.  They needed to know when their parent left the bedroom so they mounted a vibration sensor to their door.  When the door was opened the sensor felt the vibration and sent a wireless signal to a receiver.
-A parent suspected their kids were searching through the closet looking for Christmas presents so they stuck a vibration sensor in the hidden toy bag.  When the kids meddled around the back the sensor triggered the Auto-Dialer and they received a phone call.
  • Detects vibration/movement and sends a signal to the Skylink Security System (SC-100 and SC-1000) or Emergency Dialer (AS-433S) when moved.
  • Great for use on RV's, boats, cars, drawers, or other valuables as movement of these devices will trigger the sensor
  • 9V Alkaline battery included.
  • Range up to 100ft
  • Manufactured by Skylink


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