SW-433 Silent Alarm

Silent Alarm Model SW-433

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Silent Alarm
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Do you a visual alert for a home alarm system or when a sensor is triggered?  Or perhaps you have a loud environment and need a visual notification when a motion sensor is triggered or a door is opened.

The SW-433 by Skylink is a Silent Alarm and works by flashing a lamp when an alarm or sensor is triggers.  The Silent Alarm plugs into a standard wall outlet, and then you would plug the lamp into the Silent Alarm.  When a compatible Skylink security product transmitts a signal it triggers the silent alarm to flash the lamp on and off advising you of the event. Although a lamp is typically used, whatever you have plugged into the silent alarm will flash on and off for 15 seconds.

This alarm can work with as many as 15 different sensors, such as door/window contacts, motion sensors, flood sensors, and more.  

  • Plug a light or other 110V (120 watts max) signaling device into this unit for visual warning of an alarm condition.
  • By connecting the alarm to a lamp or other light fixture, the alarm will activate the appliance, creating a flashing light effect to warn individuals that may be hearing impaired or to draw the attention of neighbors or other people that may be in the area when it receives a signal from the security console.
  • AC powered, you plug the SW-433 into a standard wall outlet and the lamp into it
  • Range up to 100ft from a sensor or other transmitting device
  • Manufactured by Skylink
  • One year manufacturer's warranty


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