MS-2001 Emergency Voice / Pager Dialer
MS-2001 Emergency Dialer Multi Setup

Allways Stay Connected To Your Loved Ones with This Emergency Dialer and Speaker Phone Model MS-2001

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Emergency Voice / Pager Dialer
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Are a caregiver for a loved one?  If so, you also understand there are times you will need to leave the premise to take care of things AND the fact the person you are caring for wants time alone and a feeling of independence.  You may not need, or want, to pay for professional monitoring service but want the ability to communicate with your loved one in case of an emergency or to check in on them.

The MS-2001 by Skylink is an easy-to-use system that allows you to do just that by proving emergency dialing AND speaker phone capability for the person you are caring for.  During an emergency situation, the MS-2001 will send a recorded message, 40 seconds or less, to as many as 9 programmed numbers.  Your loved one, for example, could wear a panic transmitter wrist watch (sold separately) or a keychain transmitter (included) and if they fall, can immediately hit the red panic button on the watch.  Once this happens it triggers the emergency dialer to start calling the programmed numbers.  

The MS-2001 may also be used as a speakerphone as well.  The user can initiate or answer the call by pressing the [Hook] button on the MS-2001 keypad and/or by using the 4B-434 Keychain Transmitter.

These features may allow you to have some peace of mind know your loved one can get in touch with you while you are not directly with them and not have to pay expensive monitoring fees.

Here's how the unit works: the user pushes the panic button and the MS-2001 begins to dial programmed numbers and plays a recorded message like, "I have fallen and can't get up."  The caregiver can then call the unit via the speakerphone to listen in and speak to the loved one.

Product Features

  • The user can program three-speed dial numbers to use on the speaker phone.  You may also use the keypad on the dialer to dial any number
  • The unit uses Skylink's patented "Rolling Code System" to provide maximum security and prevent eavesdropping on calls
  • There are no fees associated with this unit
  • The dialer may be activated using a panic transmitter, the 4B-434, or direct use of the panic button on the MS-2001 dialer
  • Stores a 40-second long emergency phone message 
  • Tone and Pulse dialing available to ensure compatibility
  • Store up to nine emergency phone or pager numbers. The sequence and frequency of dialed numbers may be programmed.
  • System can dial each stored contact up to nine times (or less depending on programming)
  • Repeats emergency voice message up to nine times.
  • Automatically overrides the busy line for an emergency call.
  • Easy to program pause time for pagers
  • Selectable phone system (PABX or standard phone system)
  • Compatible with as many as 16 Skylink remote sensors (sold separately)
  • Entry/exit delay program option
  • Universally adaptable to all phone companies
  • Powered by AC adaptor, and six 1.5-volt backup batteries (sold separately)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Time clock display and backlit keypad
  • The user may opt to use an authorized Skylink monitoring station which would require a monthly fee


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