SDP603A Three-Way Push On/Off Dimmer

Three-Way Push On/Off Dimmer Model SDP603A

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Three-Way Push On/Off Dimmer
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If you've always wanted a light dimmer that is easy to use and easy to install, then you're in luck. The SDP603A Three-Way Push On/Off Dimmer makes it easy for you to not only control your home's lighting, but also set it to exactly the right level. A turn of the knob is all it takes.

Product Features

  • Includes both white and cream colored knobs to match your home decor
  • Turn knob to select desired light level
  • 120V AC, 600 watts maximum
  • Easy to install
  • For incandescent and halogen lighting only
  • Not for use with ceiling fans
  • One-year warranty


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