SC4040 Dummy IR Camera (with LED light)

Dummy IR Camera (with LED light) Model SC4040

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Dummy IR Camera (with LED light)
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Sometimes, the simplest products are the most efficient. That's how we feel about this convincing fake security camera – it's an effective product to help deter crime for a fraction of the price of a real security camera.

This realistic looking dummy security camera will help ward off unwanted intruders and activity without the expensive costs of a full blown security system. The only person who will know that this camera is fake is you, thanks to its convincing red blinking light and official "Closed Circuit Television" sticker. This fake security camera is a great buy for home or office use. Help keep your family, employees or business patrons safe by investing in this low-cost security option today.

Product Features

  • Dummy IR Camera (with red blinking LED light)
  • Material: ABS
  • LED requires two 1.5v AA size batteries
  • Outdoor housing with adjustable sunshade
  • Free 4" security sticker per camera

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