ODOME-R Outdoor Dummy Dome

Large Outdoor Fake Security Dome Model ODOME-R

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Outdoor Dummy Dome
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Outdoor Dummy Dome Solar Powered
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Here's the truth - I would rather stop the crime before it happens. Video cameras are great for helping find out "whodunnit" and they serve their purposes.  Small business owners want to stop the crime from ever happening and that's where products like the ODOME by Security2020 come into play.

Rather than spending a fortune on a wired surveillance camera system, or a wireless system that might not be as reliable as you would hope, install a dummy dome at a cost of less than $40 dollars.  As a small business manager, you won't find a better bang for your buck than products like this.

This is a large, oversized fake security camera that mounts on an exterior wall.  The product is so realistic that potential criminals and thieves won't be able to distinguish is (at a distance) from a real security camera.

The details in this product are what makes it stand out from lesser products in the marketplace.  First, it's a larger unit (about the size of a basketball) that you would mount high on a wall.  The top half is a rugged ABS plastic, while the bottom is a smoke lens.  Depending on the model, there's a flashing red LED light that provides a "there's a camera recording you" effect.  The ODOME version has no red light.

There are various models of this dummy security camera available:

  • ODOME-R - the flashing red light is powered by AA batteries
  • ODOME-SOLAR - the flashing red light is powered by rechargeable AA batteries (included) that are continually recharge by a small solar panel located on the top part of the mounting arm (passers-by will not see it)
  • ODOME - no flashing red light on tip of glass

Product Features

  • Manufactured by Security2020
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • Batteries (non-solar) should last approximately 2 years before changing is required.  ODOME SOLAR version's batteries should last approximately 5 years.
  • Sunlight (through solar panel) charges batteries (included) on SOLAR version.  Batteries are NOT included on ODOME-R model

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