LH-51208 Personal Security Alarm
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Key Chain with Light and Loud Alarm for Emergencies Model LH-51208

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Personal Security Alarm
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Walking alone at night through a parking garage, dark street, or back from college classes into your dorm room can be a scary situation.  Although there are a variety of products out there to help you if you stay safe, products like this key chain alarm help you scare off "would-be" attackers.

Pulling the lanyard on this keychain starts a loud, 125 dB siren that scares off potential problems--before they happen.

This is one of those products where you asked yourself "why doesn't everyone have one of these." 

At a price of less than $20, having one of these is a real no-brainer.  On the surface, it looks like an ordinary key chain...but it does much more.

A keychain that pulls triple duty:

  1. keychain
  2. red guidlight for nightime operation
  3. emits very loud alarm when pin is pulled

A perfect gift for a loved one away at college, off on their own, or even for yourself. 

  • 120dB alarm sounds when pin is removed.  Alarm will sound until pin on lanyard is re-inserted.
  • Handy security alarm and light goes everywhere with you.
  • Built-in guide light with red color.  This red color won't hurt your eyes, but is bright enough to help guide your way or find the keyhole.
  • Requires 4 "LR44" Batteries (included)

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