SS1663L Antique Brass Victorian Lighted Wired Button

Antique Brass Victorian Lighted Wired Button Model SS1663L

Manufacturer: Thomas and Betts
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4 Star Rating
Condition: New
Antique Brass Victorian Lighted Wired Button
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A Victorian styled brass wired doorbell finished with an antique finish.  This rectangular shaped button has an intricate scroll carvings and etched lines.  Imagine this button mounted to the front of a Victorian style home.

This button is located in the center of the rectangular shaped plate and features a lighted LED rim that surrounds it.  The LED bulb never burn out and help welcome your visitors for many years to come.

This is a flush mounted wired button that is easy to install using the supplied instructions.  Manufactured by Thomas & Betts and features a 5-year manufacture warranty.

  • Lighted button
  • Easy to install
  • Solid brass plate
  • Flush mounted
  • Button in center with brass finish and LED rim surrounding button
  • Dimensions: 2 3/4" x 1 1/4" H. x 1/4" D
  • Manufactured by Thomas and Betts
  • 5-year manufactures warranty

Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: Antique Brass Victorian Lighted Wired Button
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5 Star Rating
(Moorhead, MN)
We desperately needed a doorbell over 5" to replace our broken one and this was the only one we could find. It's beautiful and a delivery guy said it was the nicest doorbell he's ever seen! There was an error and initially the wrong doorbell came and the response was quick and we had the correct doorbell in 2 business days - still less than a week from placing our order. Great company, quality product, and hard to find items!
3 Star Rating
(Dallas, TX)
Doorbell is nice, but it wasn't quite big enough for the predrilled holes in my brick nor is it made for a flat surface, because the button needs a hole as well. I managed to make it work temporarily but I'm still looking for another replacement.
4 Star Rating
(Charlotte, NC)
The looks of this doorbell button was exactly what my customer wanted however the actual button part of the doorbell button came apart in less than a week. It could have been a hangover Monday button or a anticipation Friday button. It was replaced at no charge. Very satisfied with the customer service and hope the new button was put together properly on a Wednesday.

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