HW2172 Wireless Remote Wall Switch w/ Plug-in Receiver

Install a New Wireless Wall Switch to Control a Light in Seconds! Model HW2172

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Wireless Remote Wall Switch w/ Plug-in Receiver
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Home automation has come a long way the last few years.  Everything from garage doors to your sprinkler system can be turned on and off with the click of a switch or automated time.

Sometimes though, you just want something simple.  You want to do some simple task like turn that lamp off when you are ready for bed, or turn it off at night when you are done reading.  If that's your need, the HW2175 by Xodus Innovations is a great product to take a look at.  The HW2175 replaces the HW2172 by Thomas & Betts.

It works like this:  Simply plug the receiver box into a standard wall outlet, then plug your lamp into that box.  Using the supplied wall switch (remote control transmitter) you can control that lamp up to 50 feet away.  It doesn't only work with lamps, it works with just about anything, as long as the receiver can handle the load.

The supplied wireless wall switch is supplied with mounting screws.  You simply screw the back plate into your wall and snap the cover on.  You may also use double-sided mounting tape (supplied) to attach the wall switch to your wall.

This product is also compatible with the HW2165 by Xodus Innovations.  The HW2165 is a similar product, but rather than a plug-in box type receiver, it uses a receiver that screws into a standard lamp socket.

  • Eliminates need for pull chains or other devices to control lamps or overhead lights
  • Use up to four units in your home with a single switch
  • Turn lamp on and off with a simple flick of a switch
  • Plugs into any standard outlet
  • 50-foot range
  • 12V battery included
  • 500W incandescent and fluorescent bulbs only
  • Indoor use only
  • UL listed
  • White wall plate 
  • Easy-to-use rockered switch
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

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