HS4390 Security Timer

Security Timer Model HS4390

Manufacturer: Thomas and Betts
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5 Star Rating
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Security Timer
Out of Stock
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  • House Sitter™ Random Security Timer.
  • Turns on/off randomly - no set pattern so home looks lived in.
  • Fully automatic, use with lamps, radios, or televisions.

Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: Security Timer
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5 Star Rating
(Southern California)
This is a wonderful timer!rnThe fact it turns on/off at randomrntimes is a big plus over standardrnset on/off timers.rnI highly recommend it.
5 Star Rating
I'm probably going to end up buinyg this alarm package but you really need to do some research on sound decibel ratings. To anyone that knows anything about sound, they will laugh at a 160 db siren rating. I engineer 80,000 watt concert systems that peak at 143-145db. 150db is a jet engine at take off. AT the engine, not a 1000 feet away. When you say almost 300db need to do more research. Every time you double the speakers you gain 3db of output. You don't add the ratings together.
4 Star Rating
I like a lot of these (and hate HOAs lol). I think I like the ones with the real bells, but I think they could really only be odrecative because I can't imagine being able to hear them well.

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