FPC1415 LED Flicker Votive Candle

LED Flicker Votive Candle Model FPC1415

Manufacturer: Thomas and Betts
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LED Flicker Votive Candle
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Decorate your home cost-effectively and safely this holiday season using these votive LED candles by Thomas & Betts.

The FPC1415 LED Flicker Votive Candle from Thomas & Betts is a decorator's delight! Its LED flickering bulbs looks very realistic behind the frosted glass vase (included). Visitors to your home will only be able to tell it isn't a real flame when they actually pick up the product and look inside the vase — other than that, it's very hard to notice it is powered by a LED flame versus a real flame.

The FPC1415 is an LED votive candle that includes a frosted glass candle vase. With a built-in timer, the votive lights up at the same time every day and will burn with a flicker for six  hours, then shut itself off.  This low energy consuming LED bulb and timer means this votive should burn for 60 days (with six hours a day) before you have to change the batteries.

The candle features a cool to the touch LED bulb that flickers with a warm yellow glow that looks very realistic when placed inside the included frosted glass vase.  

  • LED light reduces need to replace bulbs
  • Realistic flickering flame
  • Cool to the touch
  • Automatic timer turns candle on at the same time every day
  • Candle will remain on for six hours before turning off and back on the next day
  • Manual switch to turn on and off
  • Requires two “AA” alkaline batteries
  • Works for up to 360 hours or 60 days if left turned on (6 hours per day)

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