EXSIR1 12V External Siren

Loud, Easy to Install 12V Siren Integrates to Your Exisitng Device! Model EXSIR1

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12V External Siren
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An external siren, like the Security2020 EXSIR1, plays an extremely loud siren sound when triggered.  Most of our customers use this device by connecting it to a 12V output terminal screw of one our driveway or exit alarm products.  However, it can be used with virtually any device that supplies a 12V output.

This device may also be used to create a warehouse or industrial type buzzer.  Simply connect a wired doorbell push button to a transformer, then connect this siren to a transformer.  When a visitor presses the push button, this siren will play.

Installation is easy. Connect the stripped end of the wires to the 12V power supply.  There may be setting requirements on the device that supplies power that dictates how the device it triggered and how long the siren sound plays, but those settings are typically covered in the supplying device's instructions.

If you have a shop, warehouse, or loud environment, use this device to augment the sound of the supplying device.

  • Extra loud
  • Outdoor rated
  • Wires into the receiver
  • Requires 12V


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