DH1631L Solid Brass Rectangular Buttons Available in Different Finishes
DH1636L Green Finish DH1631 Brushed Brass DH1632L Antique Brass Finish DH1633L Brushed Silver Finish DH1635L Copper Brass Finish DH1637L Bronze Finish DH1630L Polished Brass Finish

Solid Brass Doorbell Button w/ LED Rim Light Model DH1631L

Manufacturer: Thomas and Betts
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4 Star Rating
Condition: New
Solid Brass Rectangular Buttons Available in Different Finishes
$11.98 $9.98

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$11.98 $10.98
Antique Brass Wired Doorbell Button
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$11.98 $10.98

Simplicity is beautiful and this solid brass wired doorbell button by Carlon (Thomas and Betts) exemplifies this statment.  This product is available with six different finishes to choose from.
This is a solid brass product. The design of this doorbell is a stepped edge on each side that runs vertically down both sides.  The finish is a brushed brass look (see image) and the stepped lines are a slightly darker color providing some dept to the design.
These are flush mounted so ensure you have a space needed to properly install the plate or the existing hole is large enough or may be modified to accommodate the product.
These are lighted pushbuttons, illuminated by LED bulbs.  Because they are lighted they must be powered by a wired doorbell transformer and are not for use with battery operated door chimes.  The power draw will quickly drain the batteries.
Depending on the model, the actual center push button is either lighted OR the center push is surrounded by a lighted led.  The actual button you press is also the same brass matte finish and is surrounded by a LED bulb illuminaing the push button so you can easily locate it at night.
  • Colors available
    • DH1630L - Polished Brass
    • DH1631L - Brushed Brass (darker in color than Polished Brass)
    • DH1632L - Antiqued Brass (darker in color)
    • DH1633L - Satin Nickel
    • DH1635L - Copper
    • DH1636L - Marbeled Green
    • DH1637L - Brushed Bronze
  • LED light power source
  • Flush mounted
  • For use with 8-24 volt transformers
  • Wired button must connect to a doorbell transformer.  Do not use with a battery powered doorbell or door chime
  • Dimensions are .8''D x 1.25''W x  2.875''H
  • Manufactured by Thomas and Betts
  • 3-year manufacture's warranty

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Product Reviewed: Solid Brass Rectangular Buttons Available in Different Finishes
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4 Star Rating
(St Louis, MO)
Very attractive and light is easily seen even in the daylight. Would have liked more detail on website when purchasing about the need for the large hole in the door frame required for installation.

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