SIREN External Siren for use with 12VDC Output Terminals

External Siren for use with 12VDC Output Terminals Model SIREN

Manufacturer: Security 2020
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12vDC Siren Accessory
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If you are in a noisy, loud environment and need boosted sound for your driveway alarm or entry alarm, then this is the perfect accessory for you. The Security2020 12vDC Siren extends the sound of your alarm system's receiver by connecting to its terminal outputs. Simply plug the siren's wires into your driveway or entrance alarm system's terminal outputs and enjoy enhanced sound quality. Perfect for businesses located in loud areas or for personal use on large rural properties with a lot of land.

Product Features

  • 12VDC Rated
  • Compatible with other driveway alarm products like the Di2000S-A or an entrance alert like the DA50L-A
  • For wired use only — please note that this is not a wireless product

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