8DSBS1 Driveway Signal Bell Kit 1

Rubber Hose Driveway Signal Bell Kit Model 8DSBS1

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Driveway Signal Bell Kit 1
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Our Driveway Signal Bells are the type of product you would find at an old-fashioned gas station. Your Driveway Signal Bell has a patent date of May 12, 1959, which is noted on the bell and on the product box.

Why this product is popular:

The rubber hose is industrial grade and won't wear out.  There really aren't many moving parts, and you don't have to worry about wireless device interference or having to run electrical wiring.

How the product works:

A rubber hose is stretched over an area you would like to monitor.  Driveways drive through areas are ideal.  When a car drives over the hose, pneumatic pressure causes a traditional signal bell to emit a "Ding-Dong" sound.

How the product is installed:

Simply plug your Driveway Signal Bell into a regular outlet, push the driveway hose on to the bottom of the bell, and push the anchor on the other end of the hose.  

Package includes (1) Driveway Signal Bell 805-3350516, (1) Heavy Hose Anchor and (1) Driveway Signal Hose, 50 feet.

Product Features:

  • Works with up to 300 feet of signal hose.
  • Alerts you with a distinct "ding ding" sound.
  • Easy to install design – just plug into a standard 110-volt  outlet.
  • Each Driveway Signal Bell is made of the highest quality materials and professionally assembled and tested to offer a reliable signal that is built to last.
  • No air compressor needed – this product runs off of the driveway hose's compression
  • The Hose Must Be Placed on Asphalt or Concrete Driveways ONLY, it cannot be used on gravel driveways!

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