FPC1215B FPC1215 LED Window Candles w/ Tea Cup Holder - Orange Flame

FPC1215 LED Window Candles w/ Tea Cup Holder - Orange Flame Model FPC1215B

Manufacturer: Xodus Innovations
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FPC1215B Brass Base Orange Flame
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Accessories & Variations:
FPC1215A Aged Bronze Base Orange Flame
$13.98 $9.98
FPC1215P Aged Pewter Base Orange Flame
$13.98 $9.98

The FPC1215 series of LED Holiday Window Candles are our top selling flameless candles this holiday season.  The yellow flickering flame setting in your window provides that added touch that will set your home apart from your neighbors this holiday season.

Don't mistake the low price of these candles for a product that lacks features.  Like all of our LED Window Candles, these feature an photo cell that automatically turns your light on a night and off in the morning.  This, coupled with the LED bulb means your candles will last througout the holiday season.  In my home, we have the same batteries installed as we did last year and the candles are still shinning brightly to greet visitors as they approach our home this Christmas!

This bulb shines in a warm yellow/orange color that you can set to one of two modes, constant burn or flickering mode that looks like a real candle. People are split on the orange flame candle (like this one) and the white flame candle like the sister to this product, the FPC1525 Candle with a White Flame.  I personally like the yellow/orange color as it looks more like a real flame.  Regardless of your choice, you are going to be happy with this product.

The candles are availble with three different base colors to choose from:

  • FPC1215A Aged Bronze Base
  • FPC1215B Aged Brass Base
  • FPC1215P Aged Pewter Base

Product Featues:

  • LED light source – eliminates need for bulb replacement
  • Lasts approximately 40 days on 2 “AA” batteries
  • Photo cell automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn
  • Realistic flickering light
  • Three position slide switch – off/contant burn/flicker
  • Safe and easy to operate – no heat generated
  • Easily sites on window seal or flat surface


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