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What Are Entrance Alerts or Entry Chimes?

DC-1000 Entrance Alert

Entry Alerts are any device that alerts you when an entrance (or exit for that matter) is accessed.  The products shown in this category use window/door contacts that trigger when someone opens a door or window or entrance alarms that work when motion is detected. 

The type of sensor to use depends on your specific situation and/or personal preference.

When to Use Motion Based Entrance Alerts:

  • Use in hallways or when door stays open (mall entrances for example)
  • Use when metal doors or building materials may prevent magentic door/window contacts from working correctly

When to Use Window/Door Contacts for Entry Alerts:

  • You want detection only when door or window is opened
  • You don't want any "motion-based" false alarms

Common Uses of Entrance Alert Products:

  • For office security, receive alerts when someone enters your facility.
  • Store clerks receive notification when a customer enters the store.  This allows clerks to work in other areas of the store and immediately attend to customers when they enter the store, improving customer service.
  • Entrance alerts for offices are great for warehouses to receive notifications when shipments arrive.
  • Used as a safety measure when children or people we are caring for enter or leave specific areas.  A good example would be over an exit door that leads to a swimming pool or spa.
DC1 EZ Tone
Model DC1

The DC1 EZ Tone entrance alert is one of our most popular alerts!  This mechanical entrance alert is cost effective, easy to install, and made in the USA.  It installs quickly over the existing door frame of the door you want to monitor.  When the door is opened, the EZ Tone Entrance Alert emits a loud "Ding" sound as the internal metal strip is struck by the metal plunger.  This alert is maintenance free, requies no batteries or wires, and durable enough to last for years to come.

5 Star Rating
$32.98 $26.98
DA50L-A Security2020
Model DA50L-A

This is a commercial grade entry alert set that will transmit a wireless signal of up to 1000 feet.  Used by retail and convenience stores, warehouses, offices, and homes all across America, the DA50L-A is an extremely reliable entrance alert set. 

The kit features 1 PIR based sensor/transmitter and 1 plug in receiver/speaker.  The receiver features a 12V terminal for adding on accessories such as sirens, strobe lights, firebells, and any other product that is powered by 12V.

5 Star Rating
$139.98 $119.98
IRPR-2500 Dakota Alerts
Model IRPR-2500

Get an alert that some one has entered your shop or store while you are working in the warehouse. Alert a department store employee when a customer enters the dressing room. Alert the warehouse manager when a truck pulls up to the loading dock door. These are just a few of the many uses of an entrance alert set.

The IRPR-2500 is a PIR based wireless sensor that will send a wireless signal up to 650 feet to a portable hand held receiver. The receiver features a digital counter, with alert methods of silent, vibrate, and chime sound mode. The receiver features a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and charger.

Not Yet Rated
$159.98 $109.98
WDK-2500-STROBE 1800DoorBell
Model WDK-2500-STROBE

When you need a long range wireless doorbell with a flashing strobe light for your warehouse or business, this is the product to choose.  It's reliable, has a long rage, it's easy to install, and features a bright strobe light designed for workshops.

Not Yet Rated
AV-100 Rodann Electronics
Model AV-100

The Av-100 is PIR based motion sensor wired to a chime.  If you want to be able to detect movement but would rather have the sensor hardwired to a receiver, this is a great choice.

5 Star Rating
$104.00 $94.98
SL-40 Rodann Electronics
Model SL-40

A self contained entrance alert, the SL-40 detects motion at a door, opening, or other monitored area and creates a gentle alert sound that comes directly from sensor. 

5 Star Rating
$54.98 $49.98
DA-2500 Dakota Alerts
Model DA-2500

With our new DA-2500 kit, you can set up any door or window in your house to alarm once it has been opened. The kit features a magnetic contact alarm that installs on your door or window. Once the magnetic contact is broken by the opening of the door or window, it will send an alarm to your 2500 series receiver. This is perfect for business owners that have a large warehouse and constantly get deliveries. You can set the device up on your bay doors, and the unit will alarm anytime the doors are open. Or if you own a convience store or any kind of retail store, you can set this device up on your entrance to inform you when customers walk in.

Not Yet Rated
$129.99 $119.98
DH994 Thomas and Betts
Model DH994

Do you have a device that alerts you or your employees when a door is opened?  The DH994 is an easy to install, wireless, no batteries needed door alarm product that will generates a tonewhen the door is opened.   

This will give you peace-of-mind of knowing when someone enters your facility.  From a customer service perspective, this product will alert you when customers enter your store.

3 Star Rating
$22.98 $19.98
SS4610 Thomas and Betts
Model SS4610

Easy installation wireless motion-activated chime kit by Carlon.  Simply mount the PIR sensor and when motion is detected it triggers the RC3253 receiver to play a selected tune.

5 Star Rating
$59.57 $56.98
IR-3000 Dakota Alerts
Model IR-3000

IR-3000 is a wireless PIR sensor/transmitter designed for indoor or light duty outdoor applications.  Sensor works with 3000 series Dakota products.

Not Yet Rated
$75.98 $59.98
DCMC-1000 Dakota Alerts
Model DCMC-1000

This is compact wireless magnetic contact based entry alert that works as a stand alone product or with the long range DC-1000 Wireless Door Chime.  As a stand alone product, the DCMC-1000 may be set to sound an alarm or a chime sound when a door or window opens.  You may also pair the unit with the DC-1000 long range chime to give it range of up to 1,000 feet.

5 Star Rating
RC3260 Thomas and Betts
Model RC3260

The RC3260 (aka RC8360) is an indoor rated window/door alarm, entrance alert for closed doors. Get instant notification by chime sound when a window or door is opened.  Great to monitor screen door to pool, basement, or other concern area.

4 Star Rating
$34.98 $28.98
RCTD-20U Optex
Model RCTD-20U

When you need an instant alert to notify you or your employees when someone has entered your facility, the Wireless 2000 by Optex (RCTD-20U) is one of the most popular products available around the world.  The range of this product is up to 2,000 ft. and may be increased with the TR-10U repeater and may also be expanded by adding additional sensor and receivers

Not Yet Rated
LH2500P Dakota Alerts
Model LH2500P

A long range wireless doorbell with a range of 2500 feet with a rechargeble portable receiver that allows you to roam around your facility.  The kit is expandable with other Dakota Alert 2500 series of products.

Not Yet Rated
$149.98 $119.98
IRWR-3000 Dakota Alerts
Model IRWR-3000

The IRWR-3000 is a kit that includes a wireless passive IR sensor and a plug in receiver/speaker with a range of up to 600 feet.  The pieces in this kit are compatible with the Dakota 3000 series products.

Not Yet Rated
$195.00 $129.98
BBA-2500 Dakota Alerts
Model BBA-2500

This break beam system is a wireless solar powered device. The sensors can be mounted up to 300 ft apart. They will transmit a signal up to 2500 ft to the receiver. Since the sensors are a point-to-point type sensor, it will not detect any motion outside of the detection beam. This is good if you have small animals running around your property, you can install the sensor a little bit higher than normal off the ground. This will help avoid detection of those small animals. Other things such as falling leaves and birds will not set off the alarm.

Not Yet Rated
$329.98 $279.99
TX-RX-1000A Rodann Electronics
Model TX-RX-1000A

When the off the shelf entry alert from the big box store retailers simply won't due, look to the RX/TX-1000A entrance alert by Rodann.  Simple to install but powerful, this product has the range you are going to need to get the job done right!

Not Yet Rated
$139.98 $119.98
BBT-2500 Dakota Alerts
Model BBT-2500

Do you wish you could monitor a wider area? How about monitoring a perimeter?   These break-beam sensors work with a Dakota Alert 2500 series receiver to alert you when the beams have been broken.  No need to change batteries either - these are solar powered!

Not Yet Rated
$259.99 $239.98
REX Safety Technologies
Model REX

Police say a barking dog is an excellent way to deter burglars and this one never needs food, water, or to be taken for a walk.

Not Yet Rated
$143.00 $88.98

Simple in design but effective, the BALERT is an alert system that works when someone, or something, breaks the beam between the two reflectors.

5 Star Rating
$75.95 $53.98
RC3760D Thomas and Betts
Model RC3760D

Easy to set up and install this window/door chime alert.  Play 1 of 8 songs on this small, compact plug in receiver/speaker.  Sister product to the RC3260.  This unit has a smaller speaker and plays eight tunes versus 13.

5 Star Rating
$28.98 $25.98
RC2260 Thomas and Betts
Model RC2260

Outdoor rated wireless window/door sensor alert/alarm when a window or door is opened.  Great for use on pool gates, sheds doors, garage doors, and other applications.  may be set in alert chime mode or Alarm mode.  Receiever plugs in standard wall outlet.

5 Star Rating
$42.98 $34.98
RC2215 Thomas and Betts
Model RC2215

Alarm sounds when transmitter and magnet are separated. Ideal for homes, apartments, RV’s boats, detached garages and storage rooms!

Not Yet Rated
$24.98 $12.98
HS4317D Thomas and Betts
Model HS4317D

Easy to install, this device sounds a loud alarm when door or windows are opened.  The HS4317D features a programmable keypad for arming and disarming the unit.  Many great features!

Not Yet Rated
$25.98 $23.98
HS4370D Thomas and Betts
Model HS4370D

The HS4370D is an easy to install entrance chime by Carlon.  Mounted on a swivel, you can position the motion sensor towards any area you want to monitor.  Whether using the system to announce visitors with a gentle chime sound, or scare intruders with a blaring alarm, this versatile entrance chim is a winner.

Not Yet Rated
$37.62 $28.94
HS2025 Thomas and Betts
Model HS2025

The HS2025 is a Door/Window Magnetic Sensor Switch. Operates with...

Not Yet Rated
$9.98 $5.98
HS4320D Thomas and Betts
Model HS4320D

Easily mount this self-contained motion sensor/alarm next to an area you want to monitor.  When motion is detected, this unit will announce with a chime or loud alarm.  Cut off alarm with convenient keypad.

Not Yet Rated
$24.98 $19.98
LH-56789 GE
Model LH-56789

Do you have a restricted area you want to monitor, like a supply closet or office?  Do you need an instant, loud alarm when a door is opened (like a door to a swimming pool)?  This is an easy to install , 120dB Alarm that sounds when magnetic contact is broken.

Not Yet Rated
$14.98 $6.98
LH-51107 GE
Model LH-51107

3 Magnetic window alarms and 1 keypad controlled door alarm that installs in seconds?  Yes, the GE Smarthome 51007 is just that.  A simple alarm system you can set up in seconds.

Not Yet Rated
$42.98 $32.98
LH-50246 GE
Model LH-50246

Stop being afraid of someone entering your hotel or dorm room with this door stop.  Simply slide it under your door and when it not only stops the door from being opened, it will also trigger a loud 120dB alarm sound.

5 Star Rating
$14.98 $12.98
SL-7368 Heath Zenith
Model SL-7368

Love, love, love this product.  This is a wireless enty alert chime kit by Heath-Zenith that is compatible with all Heath-Zenith push buttons and other wireless chime products.  When a door or window is opened, the transmitter triggers the plug-in receiver to play one of three available tunes. Formerly known as the SL-6168

Not Yet Rated
$49.98 $42.98
VA6000S Voice Alert
Model VA6000S

The Voice Alert System-6 multi-purpose, recordable, entrance alert / driveway alarm / safety system. Now available in two editions: New Rubber Hose Solar sensor and/or motion sensor!

Not Yet Rated
$198.98 $189.98

They come in many shapes and sizes but these are products that notify the user when a visitor triggers a sensor.  The monitored area may be a hallway, a window, a closet, or door.  Most of the door entrance alarms sold on 1800doorbell are wireless, but we do have several wired versions.  The wireless products typically consist of two components: the transmitter and the receiver.

The transmitter is the device that contains the alert sensor.  Whether these sensors are passive-infrared (triggered when it detects heat and movement) or are magnetic based (triggers when a metallic object passes through a monitored zone).  Magnetically based sensors trigger when the magnetic contact between two pieces separates by opening a door or window.  When a visitor passes through the sensor, it triggers the transmitter to send a wireless signal to the receiver.

The receivers are either battery powered or plug in devices.  These receivers "receive" the transmitted signal and emit a tone, a melody, or some audible sound to alert the user.

These products are very versatile and are used for security and improved customer service.  For example, a doctor's office may use a contact based entry alert that attaches to the door and will alert staff when the door is opened.  The nurse at the front desk does not want to be tethered to the front and may have errands to run.   For obvious reasons, they do not want to lock the front door every time the nurse leaves his/her desk, so by installing an alert, the nurse will hear a chime sound when the door is opened by a visitor or patient.

Customer service is another frequent use of a commercial entrance alert.  The store in the mall has an entrance that's always open.  During slow operating times, the store clerk may need to go in the back to unpack product, or help a customer in the dressing room.  A motion entrance alert is a great choice.  The DA50L-A has a motion sensor mounted above the entryway, and when someone enters, a gentle chime sounds from the receiver plugged in the back of the store.  Now the clerk hears that someone has entered the store and can immediately come out to help the new customer.

1800doorbell is proud to be one of 8 worldwide distributors of the EZ Tone entrance alert.  The DC1 EZ Tone is a small, self-contained alert that mounts on a door.  When the door opens, a small plunger hits a metallic plate producing a tone sound.  Ideal for commercial spaces under 2,000 sq ft., the EZ Tone has been used by stores and business all over America.

Motion Activated Entrance Alert and Entry Chimes

motion activated entrance chimeReceiving an alert instantly when someone, or something, enters a space is easier than you think.  The entrance chimes containted on this page are motion based, meaning they will detect any movement and generate a chime sound.

If you have a door or window that typically remains shut, you may be interested in our door, or window contact based entry alerts.  If you have doors or windows with a metallic frame, we recommend motion based entrance chimes like the ones seen on this page.


Common Residential Applications:

magnetic entrance alertsA common application for a door alarm is child safety!  Mount a window/door alarm sensor on the pool gate or patio door leading out to the pool.  When a child opens the gate, a wireless signal is sent to the plug-in receiver alerting you that the door has been opened.  The system can also be expanded by adding additional receivers, both battery powered and plug-in versions. 

If you have a swimming pool, most states require a warning device that will alert the guardian when someone opens a door leading out to the pool.  Most parents want that additional peace of mind to know when a door opens, to protect the security of their children and guests.

You may also place a window/door alarm on a cabinet where you store cleaning supplies.  If a child opens the door, the receiver plays a chime or alarm sound.

Many home owners neglect to lock up the storage shed.  Place an outdoor rated door/window sensor on the shed door.  If a user opens the door, an alarm or chime sound is played on the receiver.

The DC1 and DH994 are purely mechanical and completely wireless.  Both systems have a magnetized plunger.  As a visitor opens the door,  a spring pulls the plunger until the magnet cannot hold it any longer. Once the tension is too strong, it releases the plunger which strikes a metal plate inside producing a loud "dong" sound.

Please call us for assistance if you are unsure which product is the best choice for your unique application.