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Dummy Security Cameras

Deter intruders and guard against theft in home or business. Outdoor cameras are currently used in many businesses to improve security and safety. They can be used for porches, driveways, drive-up windows, schools, stores, parkings lots, and much, much more! Keep your property protected and stay informed.

Free security stickers included. Special warning stickers included showing security cameras on the premises.

Quick and easy installations. All mounting material is included. We suggest the dummy security camera be mounted in a conspicuous area, high enough so that the security surveillance camera cannot be reached without a ladder.

Volume Discounts Available.
Please contact us for information about our volume discounts.

SC4040 Security2020
Model SC4040
Dummy IR Camera (with red blinking LED light) Material: ABSLED requires two 1.
Not Yet Rated
$14.01 $13.98
SC2025 Security2020
Model SC2025
New low price. Outdoor/Indoor Use.
Not Yet Rated
$20.80 $19.98
SC2003P Security2020
Model SC2003P
Outdoor/Indoor Use. Dimensions: 4" L x 2 1/4" W x 2" D.
Not Yet Rated
$10.37 $4.98
HS4050 Security2020
Model HS4050
New low price. Indoor Use.
Not Yet Rated
$12.56 $4.99
SC2020N Security2020
Model SC2020N
Improved New Model Design! Indoor Use.
Not Yet Rated
$16.87 $12.98
SC2060-OD Security2020
Model SC2060-OD
Real camera housing with a simulated camera lens assembly.
Not Yet Rated
$52.98 $44.98
SC2041-OD Security2020
Model SC2041-OD
Real camera housing with a simulated camera lens assembly.
Not Yet Rated
$46.80 $44.98
SC2040-OD Security2020
Model SC2040-OD
Real camera housing, all metal including the mounting bracket.
Not Yet Rated
$54.98 $36.98
SC2072 Security2020
Model SC2072
Sturdy ABS construction. Includes mounting bracket.
Not Yet Rated
$82.47 $22.98
SC2045 Security2020
Model SC2045
Real camera housing without the electronics.
Not Yet Rated
$55.95 $32.98
ML-605 Security2020
Model ML-605

This heavy duty anodized aluminum camera housing is ideal to store various types of real security and surveillance cameras as well as fake cameras. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Not Yet Rated
$25.09 $21.98
ODOME-R Security2020
If you are looking for a subtle, discrete dummy camera this model is definitely not for you! The black, dome underside of this "camera" is about the same size as a basketball making it stand out like a sore thumb
Not Yet Rated
$62.37 $35.98
DM1 Security2020
Model DM1

Dummy Security Dome

Not Yet Rated
$16.98 $7.98
DM2 Security2020
Model DM2
Dimensions: 3 1/2" Diameter. Free 4" Sticker per Camera.
Not Yet Rated
$23.37 $17.98
DM5 Security2020
Model DM5
Dimensions: 5 1/8" Diameter. Free 4" Sticker per Camera.
Not Yet Rated
$25.97 $19.98
DM6 Security2020
Model DM6
Metal Mounting Bracket and Screws. Smoked housing provides an unobtrusive appearance.
Not Yet Rated
$25.97 $19.98
DM7 Security2020
Model DM7
Durable plastic construction ideal for outdoor and indoor use. Smoked housing provides unobtrusive appearance.
Not Yet Rated
$25.97 $9.95
M1 Security2020
Model M1

8" diameter security surveillance dome.

Not Yet Rated