These Wireless Door Chimes Work by Simply Plugging Them into the Wall

This category shows our "plug-in" wireless door chime products. All of these products are wireless from the transmitter (a.k.a. push button) to the receiver. The receivers in this cateory plug into a standard wall outlet. 

Choosing the Right Chime
  • Do you need a certain brand for compatibility reasons?
  • What range do you need? (push buton to receiver)
  • Do you need additional push buttons and receivers to expand the kit?
  • Cost
Do You Need A Particular Brand

Most products from the same manufacturer will be compatible, except when it comes to the Honeywell brand of door chimes. Honeywell brands are listed as "A.B,C,D, or E" compatiblity. All other brands on this page are compatible with one another. If compatibility is not a factor, then choose the model you want based on other factors.

Wireless Range

This is one of the most important factors when choosing your wireless door chime. When the range of a product is listed on a website, it's typically the published range the manufacturer provides. This wireless range is typically "line of sight," in an unobstructed environment, meaning no interference.


RC3730D Thomas and Betts
$24.98 $19.98
Model RC3730D
RC3733D Thomas and Betts
$21.98 $17.98
Model RC3733D
RC3256 Thomas and Betts
$39.98 $34.98
Model RC3256
RC3130 Thomas and Betts
$25.97 $19.98
Model RC3130
SL-6148-WH Heath Zenith
$19.98 $17.98
Model SL-6148-WH

When to Use Plug-in Chimes:
  • Current door chime or doorbell is broken
  • Have no doorbell and wiring is not an option
  • Want to quickly and easily install a door entry system, without spending too much money
  • Enjoy the extra features of expandability, sound options, etc. of a wireless chime
wireless door chimes that plug in
Installing is Easy

Make your installation hassle free by getting an add-on wireless doorbell!. No need to mess with a contractor or electrician to install wire or transformers. Plug-in wireless door chime systems look stylish and sound great. If you need help deciding on a system to suite your needs, please do not hesitate to call or email us with any questions! We are experts and can easily assist you in finding a chime to fit your needs and decor.

At 1800 Doorbell, we have been in business for 20 years, and are always looking for ways to make your life easier. Do not hesitate to call our talented team of customer service professionals for answers to all of your questions. Year after year we have received excellent marks for our product knowledge and our ability to find just the right solution for our customers! Call us today.

Brand Compatibility

A majority of the plug in wireless door chimes, in this category, are the Carlon, Thomas and Betts brands of cordless door chimes. If you are looking for the "Dimango" or "Lamson & Sessions" brands, they are now known as Carlon or Thomas and Betts.

All the Wireless Doorbells from Dimango are compatible with Dimango doorbells and most Dimango products work together. We also offer Dakota Alert, Broan and Honeywell wireless doorbell systems. Please note: Most wireless door chime manufacturers make their products cross-compatible. Meaning, a Carlon RC3253 receiver will work with all other wireless door chime products by Carlon. The Honeywell chimes listed on this site are also cross-compatible with one another, which allows you to mix and match battery and plug-in operated models, as well as plug-in door alerts, door alarms, and plug in door sensors.

The Dimango/Carlon Brand

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