Battery Operated Wireless Doorbells

The products featured on this page are completely battery powered.  Both the push button and the receiver operate on batteries

In many cases, the battery versions of  the product will be compatible with the plug-in door chime version within the same manufacturer's products.  If you are in a loud work environment or have trouble hearing your doorbell, we suggest our flashing door chimes for hearing impaired.


LRA-D1000 Safeguard Supply
$54.98 $45.96
Model LRA-D1000
CH1515W-BK-LH Craftmade
$62.98 $52.98
Model CH1515W-BK-LH
RC3510D Thomas and Betts
$55.87 $42.98
Model RC3510D
RC4120 Thomas and Betts
$55.98 $46.98
Model RC4120
PS111 Pebble Smart
$34.98 $32.98
Model PS111
RC3196 Thomas and Betts
$42.67 $36.98
Model RC3196
CH1201W-BK-LH 1800DoorBell
$62.98 $52.98
Model CH1201W-BK-LH
$379.65 $299.99
RC4100 Thomas and Betts
$60.32 $44.98
Model RC4100
RCWL251A Honeywell
$69.98 $54.99
Model RCWL251A
RCWL3501A Honeywell
$101.40 $69.98
Model RCWL3501A
SL-6155 Heath Zenith
$33.98 $24.98
Model SL-6155
SL-7750 Heath Zenith
$21.79 $17.98
Model SL-7750
SL-6504 Heath Zenith
$41.96 $25.87
Model SL-6504

Battery Operated Door Chimes

Do you need a new doorbell but don't want to run expensive wiring?  Maybe you just have trouble hearing your existing chime?

Using a battery operated wireless unit is something to consider.  Some folks have a negative view of wireless products like this, but more often than not, it's because the products they have used in the past are of the highest quality.

The truth is, the products you find at most local hardware stores, the major box store retailers won't have the features and power they need to operate effectively in your home or business.  Even some online stores will sell cheap models that are not effective.

At 1800Doorbell, we've done a good job vetting products to ensure they do what they say they will do. Feel confident when you shop on our website based on our experience and the fact that we stand behind our products with a complete 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Advantages of a wireless system
  • Easy to set up and install wireless products allow for more mounting options
  • Most products play more than one melody or note, allowing you to add wireless buttons on other doors
  • Easily add additional receivers to expand the listening range of your current system
  • Many modern and beautiful styles to choose from
  • New technology means a longer transmission range to ensure the product is reliable
  • Battery draw is not as high as you would expect.  Most systems will work for 1-2 years prior to a battery change

Battery operated models are easy to use and even quicker to install. They come in a wide variety of designs, styles, and operating ranges, as well as sounds, to meet a variety of needs and style preferences.

How the systems work: All the wireless systems carried on 1800doorbell use a wireless push-button (a transmitter) to send a wireless signal to a receiver. 

What are in the kits: Cordless products feature receivers that are either battery powered or plugged into a standard wall outlet. Double sided mounting tape can be used to place the wireless button on the door. In normal conditions, the receivers will have a battery life of one to two year. Because the receivers are battery powered, you have tremendous flexibility mounting them. Battery operated systems are truly portable and may be easily moved from location to location.

Are you are hard of hearing or have a loved one who is hard of hearing and struggles to hear when someone is at the door?  If so, take a moment to visit our category of flashing doorbells for the hearing impaired by 1800doorbell. These are easy to use, are extra loud, and feature a flashing strobe light that provides a good visual indicator when some is at the door.

Battery Operated Products Don't Have to be Ugly!

We are proud to offer a beautiful and decorative line of wireless products by Craftmade. 1800doorbell has upgraded the electrical components of these products by  using best in class components from the Carlon line of chimes.  Paired with the beauty of Craftmade chime covers, our wireless chime systems are standouts above systems seen on other websites.

We take a hybrid approach by taking the beautiful cabinets by Craftmade and inserting the Carlon electronics inside the cabinet, creating a dramatically increased operating range AND door chime compatibility with the Carlon Dimango Door Chimes. For example, you can purchase one of the decorative designer door chimes below and also purchase an add-on wireless receiver to extend the chime sound in other rooms.

Another benefit of this system is the additional melodies that come with the Carlon units versus the simple "ding" sound produced by the usual Craftmade wireless chimes.

Many have real wood cabinets, or beautiful resin covers with hand painted trim, and feature distinct details such as scroll work, Tea stained glass, and other designer elements you won't normally find on wireless products. They are truly works of art, and you will not be disappointed displaying one of these beautiful cabinets in your home! Craftmade chimes come in a variety of styles and finishes so as to compliment every home and decorating style.

FAST FACTS on the Designer Door Chimes seen on 1800Doorbell
  • Range of 150 feet - 1000 feet depending on the model
  • Capable of adding multiple wireless push buttons
  • Most units give you an option of chimes or songs to select (some have thirteen available melodies!)
  • Many allow you to add additional plug-in or battery receivers to increase listening range throughout home or office
  • Full collection of best in class battery operated models from the top manufacturers

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