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These Wireless Door Chimes Work by Simply Plugging Them into the Wall

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RC3250 Thomas and Betts The RC3250 Is the Gold Standard For Wireless Door Chimes
Model RC3250 by Thomas and Betts
$37.98 $34.98

Manufactured by Carlon, the RC3250 Wireless Chime is simple to install and sounds great!  Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, once you hear this one, there is no turning back!

No wiring needed! Perfect for replacing a broken doorbell, our RC3250 (also known as the RC8250) is a completely wireless chime that installs in minutes.  Add multiple push buttons and multiple receivers to add more doors and increase the listening range.

RC3252 Thomas and Betts Carlon Wireless Door Chime System with Two Push Buttons
Model RC3252 by Thomas and Betts
$58.47 $44.98

Similar to the Carlon RC3250, this is a wireless door chime kit but also contains an additional wireless push button.  Installs in a cinch and is backed by Thomas and Betts manufacturer's warranty.  Don't mess with cheap imitations, this product is simply the best!

RC3253 Thomas and Betts Need Wireless Door Chime Receiver to Compliment an Existing System?
Model RC3253 by Thomas and Betts
$27.56 $22.98

Need additional chime receivers for a second floor,basement or garage? Use the RC3253, (which is also known as the RC8253)! Expand your existing Thomas & Betts, Carlon chime system with additional plug-in chime receivers.  Use this plug-in door chime with Carlon wireless push buttons or entrance alerts to extend the door chime sound through other areas of your home.

RC3270 Thomas and Betts Wireless Plug In Door Chime Flashes Lamp when Phone Rings or Pushbutton Pressed
Model RC3270 by Thomas and Betts
$46.98 $42.98

No more excuses!  That's what we hear when people purchase and install the RC3270. Another innovative wireless door chime by Carlon, this door chime system will make your lamp flash or your phone ring when someone is at the front door !  

RC3730D Thomas and Betts Economy Wireless Plug In Door Chime
Model RC3730D by Thomas and Betts
$24.98 $19.98

The RC3730D is an econcomy plugin wireless door chime by Carlon, Thomas and Betts.  Compatible with all RC Carlon wireless door chime products, it the RC3730D is a feature rich door chime reciver but has a 1 1/2'' speaker, rather than the 2 1/2'' speaker offered in the RC3253.  This economical, compact door chime is great for smaller rooms like a laundry room where space is limited and you don't want sound to over power the area.

RC3733D Thomas and Betts Economy Wireless Add-On Plug In Door Chime
Model RC3733D by Thomas and Betts
$21.98 $17.98

Compatible with Thomas & Betts, Carlon models RC3030D, RC3730D, RC3190D, RC3250/RC8250, the Add-On Door Chime allows you to hear the bell in any part of the house.

RC3256 Thomas and Betts A Wireless Doorbell and Nightlight Combo
Model RC3256 by Thomas and Betts
$39.98 $34.98

What a combo...a nightlight and wireless doorbell!  As the picture shows, this is a product you can plug into any standard wall 120 V outlet and get the benefit of a night light and door chime.  When someone rings your front door, the door chime plays one of 13 classic door chime tunes.  If that weren't enough, this kit has a range, from transmitter to receiver, of up to 250 ft., so it suitable for almost any residential application.

RC3130 Thomas and Betts Wireless Door Chime with 1 Push Button
Model RC3130 by Thomas and Betts
$25.97 $19.98

The RC3130 is an economical wireless door chime kit complete with one wireless push button and one plug in receiver.  With a range of 75 ft., this kit works great when you need a short range product