Wired Door Chime Kits With Everything You Need For Installation

If you are replacing a doorbell then most of the necessary components will already be in place.  For new installation, however, that's probably not the case.  If you don't want to pick and choose the specific components of a doorbell system, then the kits below offer a quick and efficient way to get a complete system.  They are great for the home builder or contractor who needs a basic system that looks great and works great!


CK260 Thomas and Betts
$26.98 $18.98
Model CK260
CK225 Thomas and Betts
$29.87 $22.98
Model CK225
CK263 Thomas and Betts
$36.37 $27.98
Model CK263
RCW110KB1008-N Honeywell
$31.17 $26.98
Model RCW110KB1008-N
HZ-103 Heath Zenith
$22.83 $16.24
Model HZ-103

wired door chimes
Complete Wired Kits

Wired door chime kits provide you with the necessities you need to install a wired door chime in your home. The kits come with a door chime, a transformer, and a wired push button.  The only additional piece you are missing is bell wire that is available on 1800doorbell.  If you are replacing an existing wired door chime then chances are your bell wire is already installed and not necessary.

These kits are ideal for new construction or for replacing an inoperable chime.  We have kits designed for stucco homes too.  The CK260 and CK263 are wired doorbell kits designed for you to install in stucco homes.  The circular buttons are great for mounting the doorbell button on a stucco surface.  The only difference between the two kits is the CK260 has a brass colored button while the CK263 has a silver button.

The CK225 and CBP972 are kits with two wired doorbell buttons.  The CK225 features lighted doorbell buttons, one of them is a brass color and the other is white.  The CBP972 also features two wired door chime buttons; each is white and non-lighted.

If you don't like these pre-packaged kits, 1800doorbell has a huge selection of wired door chimes you might like.  Picking the one you want and adding the necessary elements you need to create a kit is not very hard, and we would be more than happy to help you select all the elements.

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