Programmable Doorbells Let You Add Your Own Custom Sound Or Melody

Surpise Your Friends and Family with A Unique Door Chime Sound!

Your college buddies are coming over to watch your alma mater play one Saturday afternoon.  They come to the door, push the button, and to their surprise they hear "On Brave Old Army Team" and you have effectively set the mood.  "How did you do that?" your friends ask....

The products listed here allow you to record anything you want to your wired doorbell or wireless door chime.  Take a moment to look at these products and if you need any information, please call or email us.


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DH840E Thomas and Betts
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Model DH840E

programmable doorbells
Programmable doorbells allow you to record your own voice, music or special message.

Saturday afternoon and you are at your buddy's house to watch the game.  You ring his doorbell, and to your surprise, you hear your favorite teams's fight song.  A programmable door chime allows you to customize the song your doorbell plays.

Recordable doorbells are not only unique, but look great as well.  Some models have beautiful real wood covers or stylish curves not typical of "normal" doorbells.  Did I mention CD quality sound?   Once you have programmed the desired sound, the tone quality on play back is impressive.

Use the internal microphone to record music or voice messages or use the included external jack cord that plugs into a computer, radio, or CD player.

Custom Chime Sounds

Create your own custom chime by recording your favorite music, song, sound effect, or even voice.  Be creative, have fun and make your doorbell chime exclusively yours!   Records up to 10 seconds of your favorite tune or sound. You may also select from two pre-recorded tunes, ding-dong or Westminster Chimes.

Programmable Wired Chime by Carlon

The DH840E is a programmable chime by Thomas and Betts (Carlon).  This chime comes with two stock tunes, the 8-note Westminster Chime, "ding-dong," and whatever you want to record (up to 10 seconds).  The DH840E is for the more cost conscious, as it is available for under $30.  The white ABS plastic cover is stylish with curves and stepped details that provide an elegant finish to an already nice looking product.

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