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If You Are Hard of Hearing, Flashing Doorbells Are a Great Solution

The wireless door chimes featured in this category all feature a visual indicator which provide a way of notifying you when a visitor rings your bell.  Many have a LED, Strobe, or other bright flashing light to serve as a visual notification.

The manufacturers create the products for the hard of hearing, but you can also use them in extremely loud, work-type environments where it is hard to hear your typical chime.  In these loud environments, the flashing strobe will alert you someone is at the door.  Conversely, you may be an environment like a doctor's office or dentist office where you do not want to hear a traditional door chime sound and would rather see something visual.

Browse these great products and do not hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions about these products.  


WC180 1800DoorBell
Model WC180

If you need a built in strobe light ideal for hearing impaired or for noisy environments, the WC180 (WP180USL) is the wireless door chime we recommend.  The plugin receiver is loud and plays three distinct notes, Ding Ding, Ding Dong, and Westminster Chime.  This is a loud doorbell/door chime, coupled with a bright flashing strobe. 

The WC180 (WP180USL) ships with a plug in receiver and a wireless door chime button with battery included.  You may also purchase additional door chime buttons for additional doors. You can use up to 4 push buttons per receiver. 

5 Star Rating
$48.98 $39.98
RC3270 Thomas and Betts
Model RC3270

No more excuses!  That's what we hear when people purchase and install the RC3270. Another innovative wireless door chime by Carlon, this door chime system will make your lamp flash or your phone ring when someone is at the front door !  

5 Star Rating
$46.98 $42.98
DC-1000 Dakota Alerts
Model DC-1000

Stop missing deliveries and visitors to your store or business because your doorbell doesn't have the range you need.   The DC-1000 has the power you need to transmit signals over long distances and penetrate through wall that typical doorbells would bounce off of.  With sixteen melodies and flashing light for one of four available zones, this is a great doorbell for any business owner.

5 Star Rating
$54.98 $45.98
RC4120 Thomas and Betts
Model RC4120

Battery powered wireless door chime (doorbell) with range of 300 ft. and flashing LED light.  If you need  wireless door chime with a little extra range, this is the doorbell for you.  The flashing LED is also great to aid the hearing impaired.

4 Star Rating
$55.98 $46.98
SL-6144 Heath Zenith
Model SL-6144

Product Model Number Change: please note, the manufacturer has changed the model number of this product from SL-6144 to SL-7744.  You will receive the SL-7744.

Flashing door chimes are sometimes hard to find, but not here at 1800doorbell.com.  The SL-6144 by Heath Zenith is a loud doorbell (75 dB) with a bright flashing strobe that flashes to the 8-note Westminster chime or a simple Ding-Dong tune. Along with a 75dB volume, the bright flashing strobe light is hard to miss for the hearing impaired, elderly, or in loud environments.  
4 Star Rating
$62.98 $54.98

Great for the hearing impaired, or in a noisy work environment, these wireless door chimes come equipped with a flashing strobe light!

flashing doorbellThe door chimes listed on this page were designed to be used for the hard of hearing or in a loud, noisy environment.  All of these products have a visual indicator that will flash or blink when the push button is pressed giving you something other than a sound to alert you to a visitor.

The visual flashing lights for these products generally fall into two different categories:

Strobe Flashing Doorbell: The strobe flashing doorbell has a flashing strobe light ,which blinks when someone rings the doorbell. If you have a person with a hearing disability at home or if you live or work in a noisy area where it becomes impossible to hear the doorbell at times, then you will love the strobe flashing doorbell.  Never miss out on a visitor or customer again.   All the products on this page (except the RC3270) use a flashing strobe light.

Flashing Lamp for a Visual Notification: The RC3270 by Dimango/Carlon is compatible with all Carlon wireless doorbells and chimes.  When your phone rings or someone presses your doorbell button, the lamp you plugged into the chime receiver will blink.

1800doorbell also carries a line of products that provide a flashing visual alert or notification.  The Bellman & Symfon line is our newest edition, and we continue to add more daily.  These products provide not only a doorbell (similar to ones on this page), but also a full range or compatible products that will create a full notification system for the hearing impaired.
If you do not need anything extremely bright but still provides a notification, the DC-1000 is a good choice.  This is one of our best-selling door chimes, and you will see it in this category as well as featured in the long range category.  With a wireless range of up to 1,000 feet from the transmitter (push button) to the receiver, this makes the product ideal for commercial environments where longer range is needed.  As a bonus, this chime will play up to 16 different melodies and features a flashing strobe as well as a zone indicator.

In our offices, we use the DC-1000.  We like to keep our front and back doors locked but do not want to miss a delivery from USPS and FedEx.   For example, USPS comes to the front door at our business.  When the driver pushes the button out front, "ZONE I" illuminates on the chime.  FedEx delivers to the back and will illuminate ZONE II on the receiver.

For more information about any of these products and more, please select the link to the products.  If you want a more robust notification system for the hearing impaired, we invite you to visit our category named: Hearing Impaired Products and Solutionsfor a wide selection of products specifically designed for the hard of hearing.