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Battery Operated Wireless Doorbells

The products featured on this page are completely battery powered.  Both the push button and the receiver operate on batteries

In many cases, the battery versions of  the product will be compatible with the plug-in door chime version within the same manufacturer's products.  If you are in a loud work environment or have trouble hearing your doorbell, we suggest our flashing door chimes for hearing impaired.

DC-1000 Dakota Alerts
Model DC-1000

Stop missing deliveries and visitors to your store or business because your doorbell doesn't have the range you need.   The DC-1000 has the power you need to transmit signals over long distances and penetrate through wall that typical doorbells would bounce off of.  With sixteen melodies and flashing light for one of four available zones, this is a great doorbell for any business owner.

5 Star Rating
$54.98 $45.98
RC4120 Thomas and Betts
Model RC4120

Battery powered wireless door chime (doorbell) with range of 300 ft. and flashing LED light.  If you need  wireless door chime with a little extra range, this is the doorbell for you.  The flashing LED is also great to aid the hearing impaired.

4 Star Rating
$55.98 $46.98
RC3105 Thomas and Betts
Model RC3105

This economy door chime is great for folks who don't want to break the bank on a doorbell, but want a high-quality, reliable door chime for their home.  Powered by AAA alkaline batteries and a 75' operating range, the RC3105 is a solid alternative to higher priced wireless door chime products.

4 Star Rating
$24.67 $18.98
RC3510D Thomas and Betts
Model RC3510D

The RC3510D is a wireless battery powered door chime that is weatherproof and compatible with all Dimango Carlon wireless door chime models.  This product is a great stand alone door bell, or for extending your existing Carlon doorbell system to a back patio, deck or garage.

5 Star Rating
$55.87 $42.98
RCWL300A Honeywell
Model RCWL300A

With all the things happening in the world today, it is advisable to upgrade your old alarm device and chime. Get yourself and your family the full protection that you need when you purchase the avant-garde Honeywell the RCWL300A1006/N P3 Premium Portable Wireless Chime and Push Button!

5 Star Rating
$49.98 $43.94
SL-6210-LC Heath Zenith
Model SL-6210-LC

Simply yet elegant battery operated door chime from Heath Zenith. Wood cover with Cherry finish plays 8-note Westminster or 2-note melody.  Adjustable volume control.

Not Yet Rated
$89.62 $63.77
19248 GE
Model 19248

This JASCO GE wireless door chime kit, the 19248 and the 19297, are great when you want an instant wireless door chime kit.  This product plays eight different notes and ships with two wireless doorbell push buttons.  Simple installation and virtually no maintenance makes either of these wireless door chime kits a great choice.

3 Star Rating
$34.98 $28.98
PS111 Pebble Smart
Model PS111

What if I told you that your dog would knock, or ring the doorbell when he's ready to come back inside the house after an outdoor bathroom break.  The Doggie Doorbell is a doorbell for dogs designed for them to easily lean how to push the button with their nose.  No more cold nights outside waiting for your dog....simply enjoy a warm cup of milk and a cookie and let your dog "ring the doorbell" when he's ready to come back inside.

5 Star Rating
$34.98 $32.98
RC3196 Thomas and Betts
Model RC3196

Small (but loud) battery operated wireless door chime designed to be mounted in tight corners.  Once mounted, you can set decorations on top.   Compatible with Carlon WIRELESS DOOR CHIME products, this is the perfect wireless chime for RV's, small apartments, or a home.

Not Yet Rated
$42.67 $36.98
CH1515W-BK-LH Craftmade
Model CH1515W-BK-LH

This beautiful wireless hand-carved doorbell by Craftmade, comes ready to add a designer touch with a matte black finish with tea stained glass.  Compatible with all Carlon and Dimango wireless chime products.

  • Range of up to 150 ft.
  • Add-on push buttons and receivers available
  • Compatible with Carlon/Dimango wireless chime products
5 Star Rating
$62.98 $52.98
CABW-RC-LH 1800DoorBell

This beautiful, hand-painted crackle Craftmade designed wireless door chime has an elaborate scroll design for a touch of class.  With a 150 ft range, and additional push buttons and receivers available to expand the system, this wireless doorbell will be a gorgeous addition to any home.

  • Push button included.
  • Add-on push buttons and receivers available.
Not Yet Rated
$62.98 $52.98
CH1201W-BK-LH 1800DoorBell
Model CH1201W-BK-LH

Elegant hand-carved rectangular door chime jewel box design with a black semi-gloss finish.  This door chime will add a touch of class to your home.  Sleek and stylish, this door chime will work will in a variety of home styles.  A smart choice for any decor!

  • Enhance Electronic Components for increased range included
  • Add-on Push Buttons and Receivers Available
5 Star Rating
$62.98 $52.98
CH1202W-DO-LH 1800DoorBell
Model CH1202W-DO-LH

Gorgeous Craftmade dark oak rectangular wireless door chime with hand painted gold and silver trim.  Door chime has a range of 150 ft., is battery operated and includes a wireless push button (RC3301, battery included in push button)

  • Push button included (battery included)
  • Add-on receivers and push button transmitters available
  • Compatible with Carlon wireless chimes and entry alerts
Not Yet Rated
$62.98 $52.98
CH1902W-DM-LH 1800DoorBell
Model CH1902W-DM-LH

For a more contemporary look, choose this dark mahogany finished wood wireless doorbell by Craftmade with a range of 150 feet, expandable, and capable of playing one of 13 melodies.  No need for wires or transformers.  Simply mount receiver on your wall and the push button at door, and you are in business!

  • Push button included
  • Add-on door chime receivers and buttons available
  • Compatible with Carlon and Dimango wireless chime and entry alerts
4 Star Rating
$62.98 $52.98
CACW-FZ-LH 1800DoorBell

Gracefully carved corbel design wireless chime by Craftmade takes the design prize with a hand-painted florentine bronze finish.  The electronics of this wireless chime are manufactured by Carlon which means it offers the beaurty of Craftmade  and the superior range and rich features found in Carlon Dimango products.

  • Push button included
  • Add-on push buttons and receivers available
  • Compatible with Carlon Dimango wireless chime
Not Yet Rated
$62.98 $52.98
RC3624 Thomas and Betts
Model RC3624

If you are looking for a great deal on a battery powered,wireless door chime, look no further! The RC3624 is pleasing to the eyes, ears and pocketbook!  The oak detail shelf chime not only looks great but plays one of thirteen melodies.

4 Star Rating
$19.49 $14.99

The new iVision Plus wireless intercom system is designed to be easy to setup and use, but is packed with advanced features allowing the system to be expanded or integrated with other products.  When a user pushes the outdoor button, an instant connection is established with the small, handheld receiver.  The 2.4'' color LCD display provides clear video and two-way audio with the guest.

Not Yet Rated
$379.65 $299.99
RC3346 Thomas and Betts
Model RC3346

This is a real wood doorbell with faux hanging brass tubes that looks like a wired doorbell, but packs the features of a wireless doorbell.

5 Star Rating
$38.97 $29.98
RC3190D Thomas and Betts
Model RC3190D

Clip this small, compact receiver to your belt or stick it in your pocket to have a portable chime system.  The RC3190D ships with one receiver and one button.  Use it as a stand alone door chime system or to work with your current Carlon chime system.

Not Yet Rated
$23.98 $17.98
RC4100 Thomas and Betts
Model RC4100

Ideal for adding a door chime or replacing an inoperable system, our RC4100 is completely wireless and installs in just minutes.  Also, the quality of the sound produced from this product is excellent.  Featuring a large 3'' speaker, this sound will rival any on the market.

Not Yet Rated
$60.32 $44.98
RC4300 Thomas and Betts
Model RC4300

This nice looking battery operated wireless door chime produces an outstanding CD quality sound.  All Carlon Door Chimes produces nice sounds but the RC4300 Battery Chime takes it to the next level.

5 Star Rating
$61.98 $54.98
RC3530 Thomas and Betts
Model RC3530

Are you looking for a wireless door chime that is simple, wireless and battery powered?  If the answer is "Yes", then the Dimango RC3530 is just what you need!  Dimango makes only the best and most reliable chimes, but this one also carries a 5 year warranty should anything go wrong!  A great chime that comes with peace of mind...perfect!

Not Yet Rated
$41.98 $35.98
RC3306F Thomas and Betts
Model RC3306F

Beautifully decorative door chime with natural wood cover with brass-finish tubes. 4" speaker for superior sound, and 13 melodies to choos from make this chime a stellar choice!

5 Star Rating
$54.98 $46.98
RC3304F Thomas and Betts
Model RC3304F

White is back in and better than ever!  This stylish white cover has brass-finish tubes down the side and a  4" speaker for superior sound.  The sound is loud, crisp and clear!  Mounted on the wall this battery door chime looks attractive and gives you the look of real brass doorbell tubes, at a steal!

Not Yet Rated
$56.98 $48.98
RC3520 Thomas and Betts
Model RC3520

Sleek and attractive, the RC3520 is a battery powered door chime system that ships with a battery door chime receiver and wireless door chime button.  Whether you want to install a brand new door chime system or replace one you currently have, this is a great, attractive choice.  Battery life is estimated to last 3 years.

Not Yet Rated
$32.60 $30.98
SL-6162 Heath Zenith
Model SL-6162

The SL-6162 Heath Zenith Battery Chime with 8-note Westminster or 2-note chime melody for front door and 1-note tone for back door, is a battery operated door chime.  The kit ships with a battery powered door chime and two wireless push button. 

Not Yet Rated
$42.98 $32.99
RC3610 Thomas and Betts
Model RC3610

This uniqe doorbell is a decorator's delight!  Would you like to wallpaper your chime to blend in  - or stand out - from the wall?  This easy to pull out front panel can be decorated with your favorite wallpaper and reinserted back onto the chime for instant charm and pizazz!

Not Yet Rated
$40.98 $34.98
RC3636 Thomas and Betts
Model RC3636

With thirteen sound options, 32 changeable codes, a 150 foot range, and five year manufacturer's warranty, this doorbell is hard to beat.

Not Yet Rated
$59.77 $49.98
RCWL100A Honeywell
Model RCWL100A

The Honeywell RCWL100A door chime with push button is good choice for folks who need a simple kit that works and is not very expensive.

5 Star Rating
$25.97 $19.98
RCWL110A Honeywell
Model RCWL110A

The RCWL110A1006/N Wallmount Wireless Chime and Push is the latest innovation of Honeywell, the maker of the world class door chimes and push. This cost-effective, easy-to-install door chime provides you security anytime of the day, every day of the week.

5 Star Rating
$19.97 $16.98
RCWL200A Honeywell
Model RCWL200A

If you are looking for a high end portable and wireless chime, then choose the Honeywell RCWL200A1007/N model. The P1 Portable Wireless Chime and Push can definitely exceed your home doorbell needs at a reasonable price.

5 Star Rating
$35.10 $24.98
RCWL2205A1003-W Honeywell
Model RCWL2205A1003-W

Who said life has to be boring?  Why settle for that standard "ding-dong" doorbell?  With this new MyChime doorbell by Honeywell, you can download any song, sound or rap!  This fun and flexible system comes with Push Software, a Blank Soundcard and easy instructions.  All you need is your imagination to make this door chime system yours!

Also available are add-on sound cards such as the MyChime Holiday, Chirstmas, Holiday, and Halloween sound cards to liven up your home for the holidays!

Not Yet Rated
$72.77 $55.98
RCWL250A Honeywell
Model RCWL250A

The RCWL250A Decor Wireless Chime and Push button is the latest addition to the Honeywell’s exclusive collections of door chimes.  With the promise of convenience, elegance, and affordability, the RCWL250A1006/N is the ideal chime and pushbutton available!

Not Yet Rated
$90.35 $59.99
RCWL251A Honeywell
Model RCWL251A

Introducing, the easy-to-install, cost-effective Honeywell RCWL251A Decor Wireless Chime and Push button.  When you need a new look and sound for your home, this amazing chime and push button get the job done for a great price!

Not Yet Rated
$69.98 $54.99
RCWL3501A Honeywell
Model RCWL3501A

Modern in design, long range with eight different tunes make these wireless door chimes by Honeywell stand out from the pack.  This product ships with one receiver and one push button.

Multiple styles available, Click  to See More!

Not Yet Rated
$101.40 $69.98
SL-6300-CH Heath Zenith
Model SL-6300-CH

The Heath Zenith SL-6300-CH is a wireless door chime kit that comes with one battery operated receiver and one battery operated push button. The system has a transmission range of up to 100 feet between the receiver and push button. The receiver comes with a beautifully designed wooden cover with a chocolate finish.

Not Yet Rated
$89.62 $63.77
SL-6257 Heath Zenith
Model SL-6257


The SL-6257 is a battery operated door chime that comes with 1 push button and one wireless receiver. This door chime features a modern, linear designed white cover.

Not Yet Rated
$125.06 $88.99
SL-6255-WH Heath Zenith
Model SL-6255-WH

No wiring is needed for this wireless battery operated door chime kit. Simply install the batteries and install the push button and receiver within 150 feet of each other.

Not Yet Rated
$41.47 $29.51
SL-6187 Heath Zenith
Model SL-6187

This wireless door chime kit comes with one wireless door chime and one wireless push button. The SL-6187 has a 150 ft transmission range between the door chime and push button. It features an elegant Solid Cherry cover and 3 Satin Brass long tubes.

Not Yet Rated
$95.55 $67.99
SL-6155 Heath Zenith
Model SL-6155

This step design battery operated wireless chime comes with one wireless push button and one wireless chime. The push button will send a signal up to 150 ft away to the wireless chime. The door chime comes with a White step design cover. This door chime is completely battery operated and requires absolutely no wiring.

Not Yet Rated
$33.98 $24.98
SL-6153 Heath Zenith
Model SL-6153

This modern, battery operated wireless chime from Heath Zenith features 1 wireless push button and 1 wireless door chime. Since this door chime is wireless, installation is a cinch! The SL-6153 comes with an off white cover for the chime. The push button will send a wireless signal up to 150ft to the door chime.

Not Yet Rated
$40.40 $28.75
SL-6150 Heath Zenith
Model SL-6150

The SL-6150 (Sl-7750) portable battery operated wireless chime from Heath Zenith comes with 1 wireless door chime and 1 wireless push button. The push button will send a wireless signal up to 100 ft away to the door chime. Since this device is completely wireless, no wiring is needed, making installation a breeze!

The manufacturer has changed the model # to the SL-7750. The model you will receive is the SL-7750

Not Yet Rated
$21.79 $17.98
SL-6147-WH Heath Zenith
Model SL-6147-WH

The SL-6147-WH battery operated door chime from Heath Zenith is battery powered so no wiring is needed for installation. It comes with 1 push button and 1 door chime. The push button will send a wireless signal up to 100 ft to the door chime.

Not Yet Rated
$21.79 $16.98
SL-6172 Heath Zenith
Model SL-6172



The SL-6172 is a faux stone with oak trim battery operated chime from Heath Zenith. The kit includes one wireless push button and one wireless door chime. The push button will send a wireless signal up to 150 ft to the door chime. Since both the door chime and push button are battery powered no wiring is needed for installation.

Not Yet Rated
$53.25 $37.89
SL-6504 Heath Zenith
Model SL-6504

Get this bell-shaped door chime to add a whimsical, functional doorbell to any home or office.

Not Yet Rated
$41.96 $25.87
SL-6505-SN Heath Zenith
Model SL-6505-SN

Need a modern looking battery powered door chime?  This door chime cover has a satin nickel finish, and is a fine addition to any modern home or office.

Not Yet Rated
$53.98 $47.98

wireless doorbells and battery operated doorbellsDo you need a new doorbell but don't want to run expensive wiring? Maybe you just have trouble hearing your existing doorbell? It might be time to upgrade to a wireless doorbell by a top manufacturer carried by 1800doorbell. Battery operated doorbells have come a long way in the last 10 years. The transmission range and battery life have dramatically improved making wireless doorbells a great solution for situations where installing a wired doorbell is impractical or too much trouble!

For clarity, we have three major categories of what people refer to as doorbells:

First is what we call wireless door chimes.  These are electronic products that wirelessly transmit via radio signal.  Next are wireless doorbells that we feature on this page.  These plug into a standard 120 volt electrical outlet.  The transmitter is completely wireless and is powered by a battery, but the receiver plug into your home or office wall outlets.

Next are wireless doorbells that we have listed on this page.  These are very similar to their plug-in counterparts, but for these products the receiver is powered batteries.  For most manufacturers, you will be able to use both the plug-in and battery operated versions together as they will be compatible.

Finally are wired doorbells, which mean the connection from the push button to the receiver is via wired connection.  In most cases, both the doorbell button and doorbell itself connect to a doorbell transformer.  

Advantages of a wireless system:

  • Easy to set up and install wireless doorbells allow for more mounting options
  • Most electronic wireless doorbell products play more than one melody or note, allowing you to add wireless buttons on other doors
  • Most wireless doorbell systems allow you to add additional receivers to expand the listening range of your doorbell system
  • Many modern and beautiful styles to choose from
  • New technology means a longer transmission range to ensure the product is reliable
  • Battery draw is not as high as you would expect.  Most systems will work for 1-2 years prior to a battery change

Battery operated doorbells are easy to use and even quicker to install. Wireless doorbells and wireless buzzers come in a wide variety of designs, styles, and operating ranges, as well as sounds, to meet a variety of needs and style preferences. All the wireless doorbells systems carried on 1800doorbell use a wireless push-button (a transmitter) to send a wireless signal to a receiver. Cordless doorbells feature receivers that are either battery powered or plugged into a standard wall outlet. Double sided mounting tape can be used to place the wireless doorbell button on the door. In normal conditions, the receivers will have a battery life of one to two year. Because the receivers are battery powered, you have tremendous flexibility mounting them. Battery operated systems are truly portable and may be easily moved from location to location.

Are you are hard of hearing or have a loved one who is hard of hearing and struggles to hear their existing doorbell?  If so, take a moment to visit our category of flashing doorbells for the hearing impaired. These are easy to use wireless doorbells that are extra loud, and feature a flashing strobe light.

1800 Doorbell is proud to offer a beautiful and decorative line of wireless products by Craftmade. 1800doorbell has upgraded the electrical components of these products by  using best in class components from the Carlon line of chimes.  Paired with the beauty of Craftmade chime covers, our wireless chime systems are standouts above systems seen on other websites.

We take a hybrid approach by taking the beautiful door chime cabinets by Craftmade and inserting the Carlon door chime electronics inside the cabinet, creating a dramatically increased operating range AND door chime compatibility with the Carlon Dimango Door Chimes. For example, you can purchase one of the decorative designer door chimes below and also purchase an add-on wireless doorbell receiver to extend the chime sound in other rooms.

Another benefit of this system is the additional melodies that come with the Carlon Wireless Chime units versus the simple "ding" sound produced by the usual Craftmade wireless chimes.

Many have real wood cabinets, or beautiful resin covers with hand painted trim, and feature distinct details such as scroll work, Tea stained glass, and other designer elements you won't normally find on wireless products. They are truly works of art, and you will not be disappointed displaying one of these beautiful cabinets in your home! Craftmade chimes come in a variety of styles and finishes so as to compliment every home and decorating style.

FAST FACTS on the Designer Door Chimes seen on 1800Doorbell:

  • Range of 150 feet - 1000 feet depending on the model
  • Capable of adding multiple wireless push buttons
  • Most units give you an option of chimes or songs to select (some have thirteen available melodies!)
  • Many allow you to add additional plug-in or battery receivers to increase listening range throughout home or office
  • Full collection of best in class battery operated doorbells and door chimes from the top manufacturers