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The Bells and buzzers we show on this page are great for backdoor deliveries, customer service desks, and more.  Mechanical bells are reliable, attractive and make a loud, distinctive sound.

Buzzers are loud and effective at notifying you when an event occurs.  Whether you are wiring them to a push button for deliveries or connecting it to the 12V DC output on a driveway alert, these commercial grade, loud products are great for a variety of applications.


DH920 Thomas and Betts
$14.27 $12.98
Model DH920
DH922 Thomas and Betts
$18.17 $13.98
Model DH922
DH924 Thomas and Betts
$20.77 $15.98
Model DH924
DH992 Thomas and Betts
$43.98 $21.98
Model DH992
DH945 Thomas and Betts
$29.98 $23.98
Model DH945
DH950 Thomas and Betts
$99.99 $79.99
Model DH950
FIREBELL Security2020
$44.98 $39.98
805 Milton
$110.42 $89.98
Model 805
827 Milton
$109.51 $79.98
Model 827

What's the difference between buzzers & bells?

Doorbell buzzers such as the DH924 by Thomas & Betts, are an extremely loud buzzer, excellent for business, warehouse, or industrial applications.  The buzzers featured here use a small hammer that strikes the bell to emit the loud ringing sound.  We offer a four inch bell, a 2 1/2 inch bell, and an enclosed bell.

Similar to the buzzer selection, we also have a selection of traditional bells, or aka "fire bells."  These are the bells you see in commercial locations, or schools, for example, to notify of an alarm.  These firebells are extremely loud and effective at notifying users.

When would I use a buzzer instead of a doorbell?

Door chimes aren't designed to be "extra" loud. Most have a volume control feature, but even at full volume, they may not be loud enough if you work in a noisy environment. Just as you may not want to hear a firebell sound in your home, a nice 8-note Westminster chime may not be loud enough for your workshop. Buzzers and bells, on the other hand, can usually get the job done.

Our Loudest:

Most of our customers use buzzers in a commercial environment when they need something louder than your "normal" doorbell.  In a warehouse or workshop, the normal "ding-dong" sound produced by a residential chime will often go unnoticed.  The buzzers on our site are loud and demand attention.

What powers these buzzers and bells?

The buzzers and bells listed in this category require a power supply in order to work. In most cases, they take a 12V DC power supply, which may be supplied from a variety of sources, however, a doorbell transformer is most common. If you are not familiar with doorbell transformers, give us a call and we would be happy to assist you.

Can I install a firebell or buzzer instead of a traditional doorbell for my shop?

Yes, you can, and that's pretty common.  Because this would be a wired set-up, there are a few pieces you are going to need:

  • buzzer or fire-bell
  • a power supply, like a 16V doorbell transformer
  • a push button
  • wire, or bell wire, to connect the push button to to the transformer, from the transformer to the buzzer

Many of the entrance alerts and driveway alarm products carried at 1800doorbell offer live 12V DC outputs which will provide the needed power to buzzers and bells.

Here's a good article with creative ideas on doorbells that has some examples.

How do buzzers or fire-bells work with other products?

Many of the entrance alerts and driveway alarm products carried at 1800doorbell offer live 12V DC outputs which will provide the needed power to buzzers and bells.

For exceptionally loud products, take a look at the three Firebells we carry at  The "FIREBELL" is available in 12V or 24V models, and produces a loud 80-85 dB bell sound.   The units are outdoor rated when you install them with an approved weatherproof back-box.  These are the Fire-bells approved for use with most Fire Alarm products.

We also carry signal bells manufactured by Milton Electronics.  These are the signal bells used by dry cleaning facilities and gas stations to receive a notice when a car enters the area.

What are your shopkeeper's bells?

We  carry some unique products such as a Victorian shopkeepers bell, desk bells, and Victorian mechanical doorbells.  These elegant products provide nice decorative touches to any bed and breakfast, antique shop, or restaurant.

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