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Doorbell Transformers & Wire

With eight different low voltage transformers to choose from, it might seem a little overwhelming trying to decide which one you need for you install or repair. Take a look at the table below for a brief overview of the different products we carry.  If you are not sure which one to choose, please consult with the electrician installing your product or give us a call and we would be happy to help you.


Model Voltage VA(Watts) Notes
DH905 16V 10VA Ideal for up to one doorbell, chime, buzzer, or bell.
DH910 8V-16V-24V 10VA and 20VA Tri-voltage transformer, ideal for up to two chimes.
DH915 24V 20VA Ideal for up to three chimes.
T1610 16V 10VA Ideal for one chime w/ bell wire run less that 50 feet.
T1630 16V 30VA Ideal for multi-chimes
121-AC 16V 15VA Up to one chime only.  Higher watts allows for longer wire run.
125-AC 8V-16V-24V 10VA and 20VA Ideal for up to two chimes
DH905 Thomas and Betts
Model DH905

16 Volt AC, 10 VA (watts) transformer. For use with single chimes, bells, buzzers and other applications within specified ratings.

Not Yet Rated
$12.98 $10.98
DH910 Thomas and Betts
Model DH910

This model transformer is tri-voltage and it great for up to two chimes, bells, or buzzer.  Manufactured by Thomas and Betts, it's available on our site for a great price.

Not Yet Rated
$19.98 $13.98
DH915 Thomas and Betts
Model DH915

This little transformer packs a punch!  If can power up to three different chimes, buzzers, bells, and other low-voltage items.

Not Yet Rated
$24.98 $19.98
T1610 Craftmade
Model T1610

16V 10W Chime Transformer.  Preferred transformer to use with Craftmade Wired Doorbells.

Not Yet Rated
$19.98 $15.00
T1630 Craftmade
Model T1630

A hard to find, 16V, 30W doorbell transformer for use with the Craftmade C4-PW, C3-PW, CA4-RC, and the CA4-RC wired doorbells.  Great for use with doorbells with long wire runs, doorbells with selenoids or two doorbell systems.

4 Star Rating
$35.98 $27.00
121-AC Heath Zenith
Model 121-AC

A 16V transformer by Heath - Zenith steps 120V power down to 16V for low-voltage products like doorbells.

Not Yet Rated
$15.98 $14.98
125-C Heath Zenith
Model 125-C

A tri-volt transformer means it will take a 120V input and output at three difference voltages.  Made by Heath-Zenith, this transformer is a versatile door chime transformer to have in your tool box.

Not Yet Rated
$16.98 $11.98
DH965 Thomas and Betts
Model DH965

Use only the best quality Thomas & Betts, Carlon/Dimango Bell Wire like the DH965. It has a 48 Volt maximum low voltage load and 20 AWG.

Not Yet Rated
$9.98 $8.98

Doorbell TransformersDoorbell transformers and "bell wire" are necessary compenents of a wired doorbell installation.  A doorbell transformer coverts the high voltage electricity in your home to a lower voltage for your doorbell product.

A doorbell transformer is used to connect your wired doorbell to your home's power supply and transform it into a voltage your wired doorbell can use. The doorbell button and wired doorbell are both connected to the doorbell transformer with "bell wire."

From the doorbell transformer, your doorbell button is connected using approved bell wired.  Your wired doorbell also connects to your transformer using bell wire as well.

1800doorbell has many wired door chime kits that contain just about everything you need to install and operate your system.  All the kits we market on 1800doorbelll already contain a transformer.  If you are purchasing a wired doorbell you need to If you are replacing an existing doorbell in your home, you may not need a doorbell transformer, but if you are unsure call an electrician or give us a call and we would be happy to help you.  1800Doorbell offers a full line of doorbell transformers in many different voltage configurations. 

Bell wire is the wire that connects the doorbell button to transformer.  We have prepackaged bell wire to suite all your needs, whether you are wiring a buzzer, bell, or beautiful door chimes!