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1800Doorbell Carries a Full Line of Doorbells from the Top Manufacturers

doorbells and door chimes from 1800doorbellAs the name suggests, the wireless doorbell was a revolution when first coming to market. Prior to this, only wired doorbells existed.  Along with eliminating wires, it made installation a cinch and brought portability to the world of doorbells. 1800Doorbell carries a wide range of battery operated doorbells as well as wireless door chimes that plug into a standard wall outlet.  Within these two categories of wireless doorbells, there are a variety of subcategories for more specialized needs.

For example, we recommend long range wireless doorbells for people who need a transmission range of over 100 ft., as well as business customers.  Many environmental factors such as concrete, plaster, and other building materials may cut down on the signal strength.  The transmitter needs longer range to have the power needed to over-come those environmental obstacles.

Flashing doorbells for the hearing impaired are another specialty item that we offer.  These products were specifically designed for the hearing impaired or when a door chime is needed in a loud environment.  These products are either extremely loud or offer some visual indicator to alert the user when a visitor pushes the push button.

Have you ever walked up to a home, pressed their doorbell button and heard a cool tune or something unique?  Chances are good that they were using a programmable doorbell.   Programmable doorbells allow the user to upload or record a customized tune for the doorbell receiver to play.  If you have a group of college buddies coming over to watch college football, imagine their surprise when they hear their college fight song playing when they push the doorbell button.

1800doorbell also offers a selection of door chime kits to make it easier to select all of the right components necessary for installation.  These kits are perfect for builders and contractors who want a complete kit with a basic wired doorbell.  In almost every instance, these kits are basic but typically include the doorbell, a push button, and a transformer.

Wireless doorbell receivers are available in two styles: Plug in wireless doorbells and Battery operated wireless doorbells. Many of our products, such as the DC-1000 Long Range Wireless Doorbell offers both options - plug in or battery powered. The beauty of wireless doorbells is that they are true DIY products. Right out of the box, the wireless push button can be mounted outside, the receiver plugged in, and the chime is functional. Perfect for those that need a quick and simple installation.  No wiring needed!
Plugin Door Chimes:
Wireless plugin door chimes are the true meaning of the term "plug and play." Installation is a snap. Simply take the wireless chime receiver, plug it into a standard wall outlet and forget about it. Unlike a "battery powered chime," a plugin doorbell kit, the receiver never needs battery replacement. Moving the receiver is easy too. Unplug it from the wall to move the sound into another room. Most of our chimes also feature multiple sound options.

The Dimango Carlon RC3250, for example, has 13 sound options. It plays the traditional “Westminster Chime” or “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,”. There is practically a chime sound for every mood! To avoid interference from neighboring wireless devices, all of our wireless doorbells feature privacy code settings, allowing you to change the frequency.

Wireless Door Chimes:
A great feature of a good wireless doorbell product is the ability to add on or expand the system to other parts of your home, basement or garage, if needed. For example, all of the Dimango, Carlon Wireless Door Chimes typically work together. It is possible to add additional receivers in other rooms or mount another push button to the side or back door. If you need portability, you want to go out to the pool, back deck or yard, and don't want to miss the doorbell (or pizza delivery!) the battery operated receiver is the perfect solution.

Wired Doorbell Kits:
Wired Door Chime kits are what we typically think of when we think of a doorbell. Hardwired doorbells continue to be installed in most new homes today. The reason is simple, if you connect two ends of bell wire between the push button and the wired doorbell transformer and the transformer and the doorbell, the system is going to work.  No worries about interference or problems sometimes associated with wireless chimes. 1800doorbell features wired doorbell kits that run the entire economic scale. We provide low priced entry level chime kits to more elaborate, decorative wired doorbells from the most well respected manufacturers in the industry today.