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Whether you are looking for a replacement for your wired sysetm, or want a new wireless system, or even something more specific like a chime with a flashing strobe light, you have come to the right place.

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We carry so many different types of wireless notification products, we have divided them into different categories to help make your selection easier.  Across all the categories, these are wireless from the transmitter (push button) to the receiver.   If you're looking for a wireless chime, browse the different categories located here to find the right one.

Great wireless kits w/ receivers that plug into a standard wall outlet.
Wireless chime products with receivers that are powered by batteries
When you need a chime for longer distances, in a shop, warehouse, store, etc., look here for great options

Improve safety and customer service by adding a long range doorbell, buzzer or entrance alert to notify you when a customer, visitor or delivery has arrived.  Add on accessories such as speakers or colorful strobe lights for noisy environments.

Top Products:

WDK-2500-STROBE 1800DoorBell
Model WDK-2500-STROBE

A long range wireless door chime kit w/ bright flashing strobe provides a visual indicator when a visitor arrives.  Great for loud shops!

LH-2500 Dakota Alerts
$124.98 $119.98
Model LH-2500

Great for warehouses and business who need an extended range product. Have confidence that you'll never miss a visitor again.

DC-1000 Dakota Alerts
$54.98 $45.98
Model DC-1000

Great for large homes and businesses that need to transmit over long distances, the DC-1000 has the power you need to transmit signals over long distances and penetrate through walls that typical products cannot.

Wired doorbells offer the most aesthetically pleasing options available for door chimes.  Because they don't have to transmit a wireless singal, these products are able to use more designer friendly materials like copper, metal, glass, etc.

Wired systems come in two flavors -- units powered by batteries and units powered by wired transformers, which are the most common.  Wired chimes connect to a wired push button via a transformer.

Top Products:

SS686 Thomas and Betts
$16.87 $9.99
Model SS686

Decorative Wired Wood Chime with flower panel.  One or two door operation  - sounds two notes for front door and one note for back door.  Ideal chime for new installations or replacing broken door chimes.

ICH1635-AG Craftmade
$129.98 $120.00
Model ICH1635-AG

A unique and beautiful chime.  Carved details around the sides look like leather stitching.The inset is frosted glass with an aged bronze star and LED bulb. Square shape of 8.5" per side.

C3-PW Craftmade
$452.40 $378.00
Model C3-PW

Gorgeous rosewood cabinet doorbell with antique pewter and rustic gold accents.  Three short antique pewter tubes complete this decorative doorbell.

This category is for both wired and wireless doorbell buttons.  Wireless push-buttons, referred to as transmitters, are powered by batteries and are usually included in your purchase.  Wired buttons use bell wire to connect the button to the chime unit and are typically powered by a doorbell transformer.

If you need a wireless transmitter, click the link below to go to that category.  For wired, please click the thumbnail to visit that page.


Wireless buttons transmit a radio signal from the button to the receiver. See this category for a new button or a replacement.
This category contains hard-wired doorbell push buttons, both lighted & non-lighted, in a variety of styles.

Having trouble hearing your existing doorbell?  Do you have a wired doorbell, and would like to hear it out in the garage, kitchen, or even on the back patio?  An extender is a great way to accomplish this.  They are easy to install and will make a dramatic improvement in your ability to hear your chime.

Top Products:

RC3200 Thomas and Betts
$40.14 $34.98
Model RC3200

Do you have problems hearing your doorbell ring in your home?  The RC3200 is a best-in-class doorbell extender that installs in minutes and allows you to add wireless receivers throughout your home or office.

SL-7357-02 Heath Zenith
$49.98 $39.98
Model SL-7357-02

Having trouble hearing your existing doorbell or entrance alert in your home or office? This unique product by Heath Zenith "listens" for your doorbell to ring, then sends a wireless signal up to 100 ft. to a door chime receiver.

RPWL3045A Honeywell
$18.85 $16.85
Model RPWL3045A

Get the Honeywell Premium Portable Converter Extender Push RPWL3045A1003/A for a product that does it all!  This sleek unit may be used as a wireless push button, a doorbell extender, or a converter to use with motion sensors or window/door contacts.

Other Popular Categories

Whether you are searching for a wired or wireless button, an extender to increase the listening area of your system, or simply want an antiqued shop keepers bell, we are sure to have what you need.

Doorbell accessories include products to help you complete your installation, repair a system, or maintain your current one. Here you'll find transformers, chime replacement batteries, and even bell wire
Programmable/record-able chimes play your custom music. Amaze your friends & family with your favorite holiday song or that special fight song when visitors come to the door.
Shop keepers bells, antiques, firebells, and buzzers are great for for business applications. Loud and reliable for backdoor deliveries or customer service desks.

Top Related Questions:

What's the difference between battery & plug-in door chime:  When referencing wireless chimes, the difference is in the receiver.  Both categories use a battery operated push button, but plug-in chime use a receiver than plugs into a standard wall outlet, while battery operated ones use batteries to power the receiver.  In many cases, you can mix and match battery powered and plug-in receivers when manufactured by the same manufactured (check with us first!)

Do I need a wireless or wired chime?  Great question that's often asked.  Wired systems typically mean the push button is wired to the receiver.  Wireless systems use radio signals between the push button and the receiver.  For a more detailed explanation, see our informative article "Wired vs. Wireless Doorbell."

What are long range chimes? Most residential chimes have a range of up to 150 ft. from transmitter (push button) to the receiver.  This is line of site, with no interference.  Larger homes, businesses with thick concrete walls require more power, which is where longer-range products are necessary.

How can I hear my existing wired system better?  Extend-a-chimes, or extenders are great options.  A small transmitter wires into your existing chime transformer and when the button is pressed, this transmitter sends a wireless signal to a battery powered or plug-in receiver.  This allows you to place new receivers throughout your home to allow you to hear the chime better.

Is it hard to wire one?  We recommend hiring an electrician to install a new system.  If you have an existing system and have identified which part is broken, it's not too diffifcult to replace that part.  However, because you are dealing with electricity, we recommend a licensed electrician.

The first step is to identify the problem, ie., what part is not working correctly.  If you determine the push button is broken, see our article about replacing it here.  If the wired chime itself is broken, take a look at this reference article here.

I have a loud shop and need a wireless product, what do you recommend? Because this is a commercial application, we recommend a long range system.  We are also assuming your shop can get loud.  The WDK-2500-STROBE which has a 2,500 ft. range and features a flashing strobe light are the perfect choice for this application.  Also, we recommend you read an article about choosing a long range chime

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