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Wireless Buttons and Wired Push Buttons

Like any product there are accessories designed as add-on products, replacements, and parts to enhance your use of a particular product.   1800doorbell has the larges online selection of wired doorbell buttons and wireless doorbell buttons online.  Since 1998, we've been marketing doorbell accessories and other related products to customers all over the world.

Wired Push Buttons and Wireless Door Chime Buttons

With a selection of over 200 wired doorbell buttons and wireless door chime push buttons, we hope to have the product you are looking for. This category is divided into four major categories where we tried to segment out buttons based on shape or style. With that said we encourage you to use the product filters located just under the product menu on the left-hand side of the page. These filters will help find these pushbuttons in more granular details in hopes you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Wired Doorbell Buttons

In almost all cases, it is not important who the manufacturer of these products are as they will usually be compatible across manufacturers. Wired doorbell button require a power source which will come from a doorbell transformer (most common) or the supplied from the doorbell itself (battery powered wired doorbells). There are a few major things you will need to consider when deciding on the wired button you want:

1) Lighted or non-lighted button: lighted products will use LED or incandescent bulb to illuminate the circular or rectangular shaped push in the middle of the faceplate or illuminate the outer rim of the button. It is important to know that you must use a doorbell transformer to power a lighted push button. The power draw of the light which would quickly drain the batteries on a battery powered doorbell.

2) The mounting style: There are three mounting styles the products come in; a) flush mounted, b) recessed mounted, and c) surface mounted.

-Surface mounted are the easiest of all to mount. They sit directly on top of the mounting surface (as an outside wall beside the door) and they way you mount it is to screw it directly into the wall. All the electronic "guts" of this product will be contained within the case itself so you should not have to drill into the mounting surface at all, other than the mounting screws.

-Flush mounted are the most common mounting styles of wired buttons. If you look at a common button, you will see the face plate and the actual button in the middle you would press to activate the chime (the part you press with your finger).  Located behind this button are the electronic guts, and typically, these electronics will protrude out from the back of the plate. To mount this product, you will need to drill out an area to so you can wire the button and also fit the guts in the hole. If you have an existing flush mount, this should not be a problem as the hole is "usually" standard, at 5/8'' of an inch in diameter and depth.

-Recessed mounted is when the entire product (faceplate included) recesses into the mounting surface. These are typically the most difficult to install as you would need a large enough box cut inside the mounting surface to enclose the product.

3) Voltage - in most cases this would not be a major issue but double check your existing transformer and make sure it matches the product you select here.

4) Style of product:

a) Decorative Wired Buttons - In this category the wired push-button tend to be more decorative than the other wired buttons. This DOES NOT mean that a product located in the rectangular category won't be decorative in nature, it's just a judgement call on our end. We have pineapple shaped, Gecko shaped, contemporary, rustic, and a wide range of shapes, colors, finishes, etc. in this category; b) Rectangular Shaped Wired Push Buttons - Just as the name implies the products listed here tend to have a rectangular shape; c)Circular Shaped Wired Doorbell Push Buttons - There are many of the push buttons that are circular or round in shape and many of those will be decorative door chime buttons.

b) Circular button are exactly as the name implies...they are circular shaped.  The circle doorbell buttons are mounted the same way, depending on mounting style, and function like the rectangular and decorative style button.

c) Rectangular shaped doorbell buttons - these are the most common shape for a wired button.  You will find, while browsing our decorative style of buttons that most of them are rectangular.  Like all other wired buttons, these function the say way as the other products listed in this category.

Wireless Door Chime Buttons

- Our most robust category of products where paying attention to who the manufacturer is will play the most important part of the decision process. Most of the wireless products in this category will be compatible within the same manufacturer's products except for Honeywell chimes. For their chimes select the filter named "Honeywell compatibility" to make sure they match. For example, if you have an existing Honeywell Door Chime Receiver it will say something like "B Compatible," so you would need to ensure the button matches as well.

Our Wireless Manufacturer's:
1) Thomas and Betts represents the largest selection of products available on our website. For years, Thomas and Betts has their products located at major box retail stores like Home Depot and Lowe's. In those stores, their products were/are known under the brand names of Carlon, Dimango, and Lamson & Sessions with model numbers like "SS" for style select. The Carlon and Dimango brand names are the most popular brand names for wireless doorbell buttons. Carlon may still be available at some of the smaller retailers like Ace Hardware or Menard's while, the older brand name, Dimango, are harder to find. With that said, you should feel comfortable that all of the brand names are the same products and are cross-compatible. The only real issue will be the manufactured date. Any of their products manufactured prior to the year 2000 will not be compatible with models manufactured after that date.

In our opinion, Thomas & Betts provide the most reliable wireless chime products manufactured today.

2) Heath-Zenith (HeathCo, LLC) is a brand you will find at Lowe's and represents our second largest wireless offering. ALL of their wireless products will be compatible with one-another to make replacement and expendability easy.

3) Honeywell makes great products that are very stylish and reliable. The only real issue with this product line is to make sure the compatibility issues (A,B,C,D) matches from transmitter to receiver.

4) GE products listed here are merely a licensed name from JASCO who markets over 2,000 products. We are big fans of their wireless chime products and recommend them to customers. They typically have 7-different sound options and will be fully compatible within the manufacturer's product line.