DH840E Wired Record-A-Chime Doorbell

A Wired Doorbell You Can Record Anything On Model DH840E

Manufacturer: Thomas and Betts
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5 Star Rating
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Wired Record-A-Chime Doorbell
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Accessories & Variations:
Doorbell Transformer Ideal for1 Chime, Bell, or Buzzer
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High Quality Bell Wire for Doorbell Installs

"Do you have a doorbell that will play a choo-choo sound?" You would think, with all the different chimes we have that this would be something we would have but the answer was "no but, I have something better."  

The DH840E is a programmable doorbell, recordable door chime by Thomas and Betts that allows you to use any tune as your doorbell notification chime sound.

Now you can hear your favorite sound when someone presses your door chime button! Simply record a song using the internal microphone or plug microphone cord (included) into a computer, radio or CD player.


  • Battery or Transformer Operated
  • Single, Two or Three Door Operation
  • Easy to Install!
  • Note: Always turn off house power before beginning installation
  • Uses 16V, 10Va transformer (CARLON DH905)
  • Use Carlon Bellwire (DH965)

Very easy to install.  Simply remove the door chime cover from the base and follow the included wiring diagram.


Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: Wired Record-A-Chime Doorbell
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5 Star Rating
Got doorbell in a few days. Installed easily. Replacing my old one. Recorded my Favorite song In God We Still Trust. Works great.
5 Star Rating
This product was very easy to use. It takes a little adjusting to get the sound quality just right, but once you have it, the sound can be heard clearly throughout the house. It's exactly what I expected for the price, which can't be beat.
5 Star Rating
(San Clemente, CA)
I love it. Had some difficulty recording what I wanted ... ended up using the "microphone" by holding it up to my computer while the song played. But that worked beautifully. Mine is playing the "Cowboy Theme" from old Clint Eastwood movies. It's awesome!

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