PB1670L Pineapple Wired Doorbell Button in Brass or Nickel

Pineapple Wired Doorbell Button in Brass or Nickel Model PB1670L

Manufacturer: Security 2020
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5 Star Rating
Condition: New
PB 1670L Solid Brass Pineapple Wired Button
$25.97 $19.98

Accessories & Variations:
PB1673L Brushed Nickel Lighted Pineapple Wired Button
$25.97 $19.98

This real brass wired doorbell welcomes guests in two ways.  First, the pineapple is a universal symbol for welcoming visitors.  Second, the push button has the word "welcome" incsrcibed on the bottom footer.

In colonial days, when traders were out at sea, it would be improper for the lady of the home to receive guests.  When the husband returned from his travels he would typically bring exotic gifts, fruits, and more back to his home.  To show neighbors the spouse was home and could thus receive visitors, they would put a pineapple on the fence post....thus the universal symbol was born....or at least that's the story I was told.

It's probably not a good idea to put a fresh pineapple on your fence post but maybe you can settle for this solid brass, gorgeous push button as a symbol to visitors that guests are welcome in your home.

Available in a brass or brushed nickle finish, this doorbell button, with a lighted LED bulb will welome visitors at your door for years to come.

  • Solid brass, pineapple shaped doorbell button
  • White, lighted LED button in center of plate
  • Flush mounted
  • Previously sold as the DH1670L
  • 3 3/8" H. x 1 3/8" W
  • 2" between screw holes
  • Manufactured by Safeguard Supply
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

The PB1670L (formerly the DH1670L) has a brass finish

The PB1673L (formerly the DH1673L & SS1673L) has a nickel finish

Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: Pineapple Wired Doorbell Button in Brass or Nickel
score average: 5 out of 5 , 8 review(s).
5 Star Rating
(Norristown, PA)
I received my order very quickly through the mail. Installation was a breeze and we are very happy with the quality and appearance of the product.
5 Star Rating
Service was fast and item was just as the pictured showed. Very satisfyied
5 Star Rating
(Vineland, NJ)
Very good product. This one is for my back door.
4 Star Rating
I love detail so the "pineapple" doorbell on our front porch was the finishing touch.
5 Star Rating
(Apollo Beach FL)
Quality product and excellent service.
5 Star Rating
(ashby, mass)
The brass pineapple lighted doorbell looks great and was so easy to install. I was given excellent customer service and the item came in the mail very quickly. I am very happy with the product.
5 Star Rating
(Yorba Linda)
Very nicely made. Finish is perfect and its a whimsical addition to the entry. Thumbs up
5 Star Rating
(Wake Forest, NC)
The fit and finish of the brass pineapple doorbell exceeds my expectations. I would highly recommend 1800 doorbell customer service. Great folks to work with.

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