DH1650L Wired Doorbell Button
DH1651L Antique Brass Finish wired button DH1650L Wired Button with Brass Finish DH1652L Black Finish DH1653L Pewter Wired Button DH1657L Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Wired Button

Decorative Circular Wired Doorbell Buttons with Lighted LED Model DH1650L

Manufacturer: Thomas and Betts
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Wired Doorbell Button

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Wired Doorbell Button
Wired Doorbell Button
Wired Doorbell Button
Oil Rubbed Bronze Lighted Wired Doorbell Button
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LED lighted wired push buttons from Thomas & Betts are circular shaped and decorative in style.  The plate is solid brass and is available in 5 different finishes.  The actual button you would press to activate the doorbell is lighted by a LED bulb which won't burn out, never get hot, and is more durable than older incandecent version models.

These button ship with screws you would use to mount them to a mounting surface and they are flush mounted (see our FAQ for more info on flush mounting).

To power these push buttons you must use an approved doorbell transformer (16V) to connect the push button.  Do not use these wired button with a battey powered wired doorbell as the draw of the light would quicly dimish battery power.

Please note: older models have a white button located in the center of the faceplate, while newer models have a center button with the same finish as the faceplate.  

DH1650L: brass finish with white center button (brass center button available on request)

DH1651L: antique brass finish with same finish on center button

DH1652:  flat black finish with same finish on center button

DH1653L: pewter finish with pewter finish on center button

DH1657L: oil rubbed bronze finish with same on center button


  • Solid brass base for durability
  • Lighted by LED.  For the DH1650L the white center button is illuminated.  On the other models, the lighted LED surrounds the center button to create more of a halo effect.
  • Flush mounted (2 1/4" Dia) in mounting surface
  • Manufactured by Thomas and Betts
  • Three year manufacturer's warranty
  • Must be powered by 16V transformer

Customer Reviews

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5 Star Rating
(Denver, CO)
WOW, I wasn’t expecting this quality for the price. This is actually a SOLID brass piece, not a brass plated chunk if stamped tin. The finish is bright and the details really dress up my front door. I liked it so much that I replaced the button on the back door with the same button. As someone who has worked in the construction industry for over 20 years, I give this product an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

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