DCPA-2500 1/2 Mile Range Driveway Alert Detects Cars Only!
DCPA-2500 Probe Transmitter by Dakota

Comparable to the Mighty Mule Wireless Driveway Alarm Model DCPA-2500

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DCPA-2500 Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarm with Probe
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The DCPA-2500 is wireless driveway alarm that is triggered when metallic objects enter the designated detection zone. (Does not detect people or animals).  If you have heard of the "Mighty Mule" Wireless Driveway Alarm this product is similar but with some distinct advantages.  Both products are wireless driveway alarms that use probes as sensors to detect when large metallic objects move through the detection zone.  Both products will detect movement and send a wireless signal to a plug-in receiver.   

At 1800doorbell, we believe the Dakota Alert DCPA-2500 is a superior product to the Might Mule driveway alarm for many reasons:

  • Significantly more range:  The Mighty Mule tops out at around 600 ft. (transmitter to receiver).  If you have a distance close to that range, you will find that environmental factors will cut down on the transmission range.  For example, every wall the signal has to pass through will diminish the signal by 20%-30%.  So just passing through the front of your home to an interior room will cut off about 200 ft. of the transmission range.
  • The DCPA-2500 receiver is expandable by adding more transmitters and receivers with the receiver grouping transmitters into one of four zones.  This means you can have a probe at the front driveway and one at the back.  The receiver will play different tunes so that you will be able to determine which sensor was triggered.
  • The DCPA-2500 also features a live 12V DC output as well as four "C" relays allowing for easy integration with other devices.
  • The DCPA-2500 transmitter is powered by 4 x CR123A batteries (included)

This unit is great in locations where you do not want to be alerted for all movement.  This driveway alarm kit features a magnetometer sensor that will only detect large metallic objects.  The DCPA-2500 is very similar to a sister Dakota Alert product, the WPA-3000.  The differences between the two are the range.  The 2500 series has a range of up to 2500 feet while the 3000 series has a range of up to 650 feet.  Yes, that is not a typo, the 3000 series has a range of up to 650 feet.

The DCPA-2500 continues the long range capability of the Dakota Alert 2500 series with an exceptional range of up to 2500 feet (depending on local conditions and terrain.) 

This unit has a probe that you bury into the ground parallel to the driveway. There is 50 feet of direct burial wire from the probe that connects to the wireless transmitter.  The wireless transmitter, when a metallic object is detected by the sensor, sends a wireless signal up to 2500 feet to the DCR-2500 receiver (included in kit.)

The receiver is powered by a transformer you plug into a standard wall outlet.  The receiver has four distinct zones with a distinct chime sound per zone.  The receiver also features four form "c" relay outputs and one 12 volt dc output which has an adjustable duration of up to 10 minutes.

Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: 1/2 Mile Range Driveway Alert Detects Cars Only!
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5 Star Rating
Georgia Mimi
(Winder, GA)
We really like this product. It picks up even small metal things.
5 Star Rating
Excellent driveway alarm. This one will only pick up vehicles which is a blessing when you live in the country.(no animals)

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